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Next-Gen Apple TV to Use AMD Fusion APUs

Oct 30, 2008
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Keyboard G510s
Software Windows 10 Pro / Windows 10 Home
I'm an Apple RISC lover, Apple x86 hater :D.

But this is great news. Maybe Apple will bring these into the budget Macs as time goes. I used to recommend Apple to everyone years ago but since the switch I just find myself recommending PCs more. Steve has no desire to really bring OSX up to where it could be and the hardware is always behind in tech aside from the CPUs. The fine line between OSX premium and Windows is just getting blurred when I can build a better rig for half the price.

AMD is a great move. If Apple bumps Intel out of the budget Macs then we got a chance for some decent prices. Really if you look at the prices before and after the x86 switch, Apple totally increased their premiums.

Heck if Apple did make an AMD Mac, I'd prolly be the first to buy it. Course I'd load Windows on it right away ;D.
Jun 12, 2009
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I wouldn't be surprised if Apple goes with a Fusion CPU for the next Mini as well although SB should be good for that as well. Apple has this wierd thing about going nuts to include OpenCL support in their computers even though it doesn't matter that much especially at the lowend. (Lowend GPUs are worse than CPUs for that type of thing.) Unless Bulldozer is fantastic I don't see them going AMD in the higher-end stuff though.

What will be entertaining is to see Apple switch their marketing around from 'Intel is teh bestest' to 'AMD is teh bestest' and the iSheep just eat it up. What would be even funnier is if they mix AMD and Intel within their lineup and there are conflicting marketing statements made :)