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No Bios on with PEG

Jan 21, 2021
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Krefeld, Germany
System Name Multi OS Computer
Processor Intel Core I7 Sandy Bridge (2600k)
Motherboard Gigabyte GA-Z68P UD3 rev.1.0. (UEFI Bios U1A)
Cooling Nothing Special
Memory 8GB DDR3 Ram (2x4GB 1600MHz)
Video Card(s) Gigabyte Winforce GeForce GTX 760i (4GB)
Storage Kingston SSD 480GB, Crucial SSD 256GB, 3,5"Seagate 1TB@7200RPM, 2,5" 500MB HD Samsung(not shure)
Display(s) 19" TFT + 58" CHIQ UHD TV
Case Black MIDI Tower - Want to make a MacPro lookalike, but still shop´s closed because Corona
Audio Device(s) Realthek AL 889
Power Supply Corsair GS600
Mouse NoName
Keyboard NoName
Software Windows10, Mac OSX Mojave, Parrot Linux
Benchmark Scores comming soon...
Hello everybody! I updated the bios of my motherboard (GA-Z68P-UD3 rev1.0 to UEFI (beta bios) U1A.
Now I can no longer enter the BIOS with my Geforce GTX760i graphics card. It takes a long time (1 minute) and Windows boots normaly.
But when I want to go in the BIOS, I have to remove the Geforce and do a CMOS reset. Only that way I can get back into the BIOS (with the inbuild card).
Fastboot was off and the GK was registered in the BIOS (PEG) Primary Display PEG.
GPU-Z says the GK supports UEFI. Is there a possibility or do I have to flash back AMI BIOS?