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NVIDIA GeForce MX350 and MX330 Surface, Pascal Based Entry mGPUs

Aug 8, 2019
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You don't seem to know much about GT 1030. They come only with 64-bit memory bus and there isn't a DDR3 version, just the crappy DDR4 ones and the better GDDR5 ones. And they all come with 2GB of VRAM.

Mine is an Asus Phoenix one with already pretty good cooling, though I've put an old Accelero Twin Turbo for it since I had it lying around. And it does run many games with low details with 1080p having a good framerate.

Not able to play Youtube is pure BS, no problems at all with a 2600K @ 4.5GHz with 1080p60 videos.
I have to clean up my post seems the 1030 managed to avoid the ram shenanigans of previous x30s

I meant 4K60 Youtube, but yes it does perfectly fine at 1080p.

It's a base model GPU, that isn't exactly stellar though put up against current iGPUs. Against the HD4000 in that 4790, it's about twice as fast. Against a 630 it's kinda ehhh... Especially when you take into account Intel has some really decent video hardware lurking in there.

An RX 560 or 1050 are much better choices if you can afford it.
Dec 16, 2012
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Still a great HTPC card with a 1080p TV. I bought my 1030 used from a friend so it has better price/performance ratio than a new one.

But still I don't recommend any other card for generic HTPC use if it's going to be used with 1080p, but for a HTPC which is built from scratch, I'd go for a Ryzen 3200G or 3400G, even an Athlon 3000G is a good pick.
Mar 23, 2016
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NVIDIA increased the clock speeds to 1531 MHz base, and 1594 MHz GPU Boost (compared to 1227/1468 MHz of the MX150), while remaining in the 25 W TDP envelope.
I just read the OEMs can configure the 25 W TDP down to 10 W.

As they’ve done with previous generations, Nvidia is letting OEMs configure MX300 GPUs with different TDPs between 10W and 25W, which can tank clock speeds by as much as 50% -- which is why we’ve refrained from highlighting them. The performance delta between the various implementations of these cards could easily surpass 30%, and in some cases, manufacturers won’t tell you what you’re getting.

The GPUs are still awesome, just make sure you check the clock speeds of anything you’re considering purchasing. According to NotebookCheck, 25W models can have base clocks of 1.3+ GHz and boost clocks of 1.5-1.6 GHz, so don’t settle for anything less.