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NVIDIA GPU Idle, can't get it to activate


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May 21, 2020
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Hi all, I am currently using an Acer Aspire 5 with the MX 250. I noticed my FPS keeps dropping in-game (League of Legends), so I tried a couple of fixes that I found online:

- Going to NVIDIA Control Panel and making sure all global settings use the High Performance Processor
- Manually setting programs to use the High Performance Processor
- Going to Graphics Settings in the control panel and adding each program manually to use high performance
- PhysX set to MX250
- Lowering all my in-game graphic settings to minimal, capping FPS at 60

However, when I downloaded the NVIDIA Optimus GPU State Viewer (to check if my GPU is actually being engaged), it still shows the GPU as "Idle" while I'm in-game. Sometimes it switches on for a second, and then it switches off again.

My FPS keeps dropping and being inconsistent in-game. GPU activity under Task Manager also shows a low rate of utilization in game (~2% - 10%, most of the time 0%) Can somebody help please? This is very frustrating. Thanks in advance.
Nov 13, 2007
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Video Card(s) Gigabyte GTX 2080 Ti Windforce (Undervolted OC 1905MHz)
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You can add a context menu to run it with the gpu ^ the guide above shows how to do it.

Let us know if that works. It does the same thing on my gaming system by the way, it will revert my gfx to idle clocks and my fps will go from 430 something to 215/216 which would be fine except it actually makes it a tiny bit laggier.

You may need to set it in compatibility settings in the actual league folder since the launcher and the game are 2 different executables.