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NVIDIA Working on Ultra Quality Mode for DLSS Upscaling

Sep 15, 2011
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I don't get the first picture?


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May 7, 2007
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Definitely each to there own , tried dlss on doom eternal last night, I am no hater but that's not for me, my eye's don't blur shit that much in real life, with no blur on just dlss highest quality, spinning around is much better than it was, but it's still like having extreme blur on when you spin, no lag now so that is better.
Dlss and raytracing made it look a disaster to my eye's quivering textures all over the place.

Perhaps Nvidia do need a better dlss quality option.
Well worth inserting the dlss 2.2.6 dll file, it's all but gone with that in there. But I can't deny your experience, I just don't see what you see, no quivering textures, but I do play with my own tweaked motion blur settings since I'm clearly more than OK with it, and on a VA panel. Very much to each their own.
Feb 9, 2015
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I do actually like Motion Blur and DOF and chromatic aberration,
but there is a BIIIGGGGG BUT in this

Motion blur: It needs to be per-object and not overdone or with lower count sample.
It needs to be something really subtle (like in real life) or everything will be just a super blur artifact fest and many developers for some reason love to have this effects with a shutter speed so high, that's always noticable when it kicks-in, it doesn't make sense to me, since per-object it's suppose to be stuble and to introduce speed sense to moving objects, not to blur the hell out of them everytime the it moves at 1km/h speed. So I think the effect is very good to merge movement and give sense of speed to movement, but if possible to be as less noticable and natural as possible, since 2D panels can't give us sense of speed of moving objects.

DOF makes sense in cutscenes, a lot! But in gameplay I usually don't agree with it, it depends on how it's done, for example on GTA V for me it is fine, since it's applied at a very very very far distance and actually serves as AA style since everything won't be defined enough at the distance to cause aliasing, apart from that I usually don't agree with DOF during gameplay, I was a little bit skeptical with DOF on Biomutant for example, which everytime you get to a fight, evertything 5 meters away gets blured, it does look cool and stylish, but... it has no porpouse at all, so meh!

Chromatic Aberration For me this effects deserves 0 points or defense, I can't get why developers do use this actively during a game, I do enjoy the effect though but only in specific moments, like we get hit by something and the effect kicks in during half second or something, or we are nearly dying, so it makes sense to have this distortion effect. I can see it's fair use if you are using a camera, like outlast for example, it makes sense to kick if you are using that type of object, but makes 0 sense to use actively 100% of the time if you are playing with a character and you are seeing the word as is POV, and not by a camera :D
Dec 12, 2012
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I want Dynamic DLSS. I am tired of seeing 50-70% GPU usage through most of the game, but max usage with framerate drops in a few heavy scenarios.

Consoles have been doing dynamic resolution scaling for ages and it works so well. Why is that so difficult on PC? Gears 5 did it perfectly.
Jul 9, 2015
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this is actually hilarious after GN's vid on FSR
Care to link?

The DF guys are fine...
"3080 is 2 times faster than 2080!"
"8k gaming with 3090!!!"...

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That's a funny way to spell "overpriced".
PE of 98, you gotta be kidding me.
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Mar 20, 2019
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Care to link?

"3080 is 2 times faster than 2080!"
"8k gaming with 3090!!!"...

Brady Bunch K GIF

That's a funny way to spell "overpriced".
PE of 98, you gotta be kidding me.
Stock is about to split, good times :)