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[US] OCZ Agility 3 120GB SATA III SSD $100 AR @ Amazon ($75 AR PM @ Staples YMMV)

Nov 9, 2011
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This is the drive I'm currently running, despite all the hate, the latest firmware update has been running with 0 issues for me at least.

Amazon has dropped the price on the Agility 3 120GB to $130 - 30 rebate = 100

Update for an even better deal:
Get a $25 off $100 or $25 off $75 coupon from ebay/ejunk, order at Staples, and call/chat for PM. Chances for PM seem to be better via chat.
Search for offer code OCZ-11153 here to get all resellers rebate:

Net price after Staples PM should be $160 - 25 coupon - 30 PM - 30 rebate = 75 net! (+ tax)

Enjoy :)
Apr 23, 2012
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oooh if PM works that's a great one... and I think the hate is past-tense hate. Though it does look like OCZ channel clearing so it could become abandoned entirely soon.

sanitize amazon affiliate or replace it with your own


buy a coupon? that seems like a third world bazaar where getting mugged and beaten to death are likely
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Apr 16, 2009
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That's great prices!!.. but Newegg has it for $149.99 after mail in rebate $119.99. SSD's prices are dropping.. You can pick up a Mushkin Enhanced Chronos 120Gb for $119.99 at the egg as well. But $75 is a great deal.. If you can get it... :toast:.. I wouldn't be lucky enough to get it.. hehee