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Overclocking X1900XT with CCC & ATI overdrive...


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Nov 12, 2006
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Sorry if this has been done a million times guys...

Just upgraded to XFX 1900XT PCIe card & have been blown away how quick it is... ( last baby was a 6800GS)

I have been mucking around with CCC & ATI overdive settings & am a bit puzzled with a few things...

I "Unlocked" the card & ran the automated clock configuration utility.

GPU status is now displaying Current VPU Clock 500MHz & Requested 621MHz
Graphics Memory Status - Current Memory Clock 594MHz & Requested 720MHz

So my questions are...

1 - Have I overclocked my card or is it still sitting on its default speed?

2 - The sliders are both at the "top" of the slide but both the top & bottom #'s are the same (621 for GPU & 720 for RAM) & I cannot move them at all?

3 - If I have overclocked how on earth to I reset the GPU & RAM speeds back to normal as I cannot move the sliders at all.

4 - Temp Gauge indicates around 50 degrees at Idle but seems to jump to around 70 or 80 after a session of F.E.A.R.

My other important components are a P4 3.6GHz CPU & 2Gb RAM & if I run 3DMark 06 with default settings I get between 5000ish & 5500ish depending on what I seem to have running in the background.

If however I disable CCC in MSCONFIG my scores drop back to around 4400ish...

I assume this means it is OC correctly... The sliders just confuse me though.

Once again sorry if this all seems a bit simple... New to the overclocking thing am I.

Cheers & Thanks in advance for any advice...

- Mike -
Nov 10, 2006
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That score you're getting is about right? 3DMark06 would really shine if you had a DUAL CORE processor, and since you have a single (HyperThreading BS!) you're not getting much cpu score out of it. You have to unlock the OVERDRIVE at the top right of the window. 500/600 are the 2D clocks, so right when you shoot a game up the clocks will change to XT clocks. If you want to witness the clock switches i would keep CCC open and quickly CTRL+ALT+DEL out of the game and on to the desktop to see the clocks.

I'll be more detailed about this later on....i'm tired.....It's like 5am here in Cali man, i'm going to bed, hehe.

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Oct 2, 2006
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After you unlock Overdrive clocks for 3d applications will be 621&720. If you want to o/c your card with CCC you have to unlock it & than run option left of the lock, think it is "Find optimal...blabla". CCC will run o/c until it is "stabile" for your sistem. That will enhance the performance in games (like F.E.A.R., my favourite). But if you want to o/c over CCC clocks (690&800) you have to use ATItool. Chk later threads, I don't know more about x1900 series oc. Good luck!