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PC "Xazax" Case mod Worklog

Discussion in 'Cases, Modding & Electronics' started by Xazax, Oct 28, 2012.

  1. Xazax


    Jan 6, 2008
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    Hey all, this is my first rig im posting been playing around with computers for few years now i still remember my EVGA 8800GTX fondly!

    So after serving in Afghanistan and making the big bucks :D i put my mind on a gaming computer. I decided to stick with LGA 1366 after reading a lot of reviews of Sandy Bridge i found CPU speed has gotten pretty much to point of any fast intel CPU will rock games. So anyway onto my setup!

    This has been a work in progress since March 2012 - Present date

    ASUS P58XD-E(broken in RMA, see explation below!)/ HAS NOW BEEN REPLACED!
    First Edition
    EVGA X58 4-way Classified Watercooled (Dead!!! :( )
    EK Blocks Mosfet/NB/SB
    Intel Core i7 970 3.2Ghz 6-core Gulftown
    12GB Gskill 1600mhz CAS9
    Sapphire 7970 Watercooled (sold, moved to GTX 580 but still undecided)
    EK Waterblock
    OCZ Agility 240GB SATA x2
    ABS 1050w Powersupply(Same as Enermax Revolution 1050)
    HAF-X Full tower Case
    ASUS Blu-ray player
    2x HP ZR30w 2560x1600 30" Monitor
    1x Dell 3007HPC 2560x1600
    Logitech Z-2300 Speakers
    Razer Black Window Ultimate
    Logitech G9X Mouse
    Razer Vespula mousepad
    Corsair 1500 headphones

    Fhew, I've only gotten the computer up and running yesterday! it been in planning for months and because of few snags and army stuff, + how stuff gets shipped it taken a lot longer then i wanted too [sm=angry.gif]

    When i first put the computer together everything ran alrite, except when playing video games it would bluescreen. So i thought it was the video card. I removed the video card and put in another after that the motherboard refused to boot, i tried every thing possible and posted around the forums but i inexplicably just killed my motherboard on day 1 of building it!
    2 weeks went by and my trip back home to california... i return and bought an ASUS Rampage II from my friend so thats what im currently running.

    One issue i have with it however is my X-FI Titanium PCI-E 1x only fits in the slot right underneath the ASUS GTX560 and it suffocates one of the fans. This leads the card to run at 89C when gaming! So unfortunately i cant use my sound card and gotta use the Motherboard onboard sound.

    Not to mention i also lost my USB 3.0 and SATA 3.0 capabilities! argh!

    My upcoming plans for this RIG as as follows

    Watercooling Loop(Stage 1 loop finished!)
    Cleaning up cables a bit more (still working on it)
    Overclocking! See futuremark scores below!

    (First Edition)

    (First edition Watercooled*)

    Second Edition PC "Xazax" Phase 2
    ASUS Z77 Formula V
    Intel Core i7 3770k
    16GB Crucial Tracers 1866mhz CAS9
    2x Sapphire 6970 Watercooled
    EK Supremacy Waterblock
    OCZ Agility 240GB SATA x2 RAID 0
    ABS 1050w Powersupply(Same as Enermax Revolution 1050)
    HAF-X Full tower Case
    1x HP ZR30w 2560x1600 30" Monitor
    1x Dell 3007HPC 2560x1600
    Corsair SP2300 2.1
    Razer Black Window Ultimate 2013
    Logitech G9X Mouse
    Razer Vespula mousepad
    Corsair 1500 headphones

    After a lot of heart ache, selling my 7970 because of 7900 series trouble running Total war games I went back to Nvidia only to have 1 570GTX Die the second i put it in, and a GTX 580 which i had to end up selling because it was a special edition and no waterblocks would fit on it, so i picked up two HD6970's from a user on these forums gotten around to testing them but not playing on them so im praying for the best.

    I had to change my whole machine around because my motherboard got fried when my previous watercooling setup leaked and they don't make EVGA 4-way any more(bought my second hand so no warranty :( ) so changing the motherboard had to change the CPU/RAM/Video card and heck if im going to do it may as well update to the the latest and greatest and i dont see a need for X79 so i went for Z77 and 3770k. I had original intentions to run a dual loop/dual rad setup. My friend talked me out of it and so i had to change the 5.25" res/pump combo because it was going to be more hassle then its worth trying to get that to work the way i needed it.

    (Second Edition)
    (Modding in progress Pictures)
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  2. micropage7


    Mar 26, 2010
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    Jakarta, Indonesia
    looks nice but it would be better if you put some images on the posts than let anyone click one by one
  3. ChaoticG8R

    Nov 9, 2011
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    That and if you can shake the camera some more when you take them, we would appreciate it.

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