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Planning on a Computer Upgrade - What to get?


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Jan 25, 2011
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Ontario, Canada
System Name Cookies N Cream Sundae with Strawberries on top.
Processor Intel | i7 2600K | 4.2Ghz | 1.30v | HT Disabled
Motherboard Asus | Maximus IV Extreme | P67 Chipset | B3 Revision
Cooling Corsair H80 | BZ-502B | Corsair SP120/AF120 | 200mm Spectre Pro
Memory Mushkin Blackline | DDR3 | CL8 | 4x2GB @ 1600Mhz | 1.50v
Video Card(s) Asus | GTX 670 | DirectCU II | GPU: 1056Mhz | MEM: 1803Mhz
Storage Mushkin | Chronos Deluxe | 240GB | R: 560MB/s | W: 520MB/s
Display(s) Asus | VE248H | 24" | LED
Case Corsair | Graphite Series | 600T White | Window Side-Panel
Audio Device(s) Realtek | HD Audio | Creative | Sound Blaster | X-Fi | Go! Pro
Power Supply Corsair | AX850 | 80+ Gold certified | Fully modular
Software Microsoft | Windows 7 | Professional | x64 | OEM
Benchmark Scores BlackWidow | DeathAdder | Goliathus | Creative Fatal1ty Headset
I highly doubt you can max out BF3 with that card. And you don't waste your money on an Fx4100 if you want to be just a little future proof.
But I just built the exact system for a friend, just several days ago.

Installed Battlefield 3 and the game performed very, very well. 40+ fps at all times (even on the largest maps with 64 players and everything going on at once.)

I was confused too. I couldn't believe that just a single 6870 and FX-4100 could perform so well.
Jan 5, 2012
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USA California
System Name MadDogTen's
Processor Intel Core i5-3570K
Motherboard ASRock Z77 Pro3
Cooling Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus CPU Cooler
Memory Kingston 4GB x 2 - DDR3 1333 CL9
Video Card(s) EVGA SuperClocked 01G-P3-1461-KR GeForce GTX 560 (Fermi) 1GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP
Storage Samsung SSD 830 128 GB - Seagate Barracuda 320GB 7200 RPM Hard Drive
Display(s) ASUS VH192D Black 18.5" 5ms Widescreen LCD Monitor 1366 x 768
Power Supply hec X-Power Pro 650 650W Continuous
Software Windows 7 64x
I would go with;

ASRock Z68 Extreme 3 Gen 3
8GB G.Skill Ripjaw X (1.35V)
Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO
Sapphire Radeon HD6870 1GB

Now with all that you're at $618 with shipping. Minus shipping and the rebates it comes to something like $597.95. I think going for a GTX560 is a waste (the HD6870 outperforms it across the board), as would be getting a 2600K. The 2600K really only benefits if you can max out the threads, and for gaming it also tends to produce micro-stutter (an issue common with HyperThreading). The i5-2500k is a substantially better buy in terms of cost\performance. I think 5GHz is a little ambitious, but you could easily get 4.3-4.6GHz if you used a Hyper 212 and popped another fan on there.
The Stuttering only happens for some people, and seems to be mainly on BF3 (Which I don't even play). Also, I already said I didn't necessarily want 5Ghz, I was just curious if anyone here got there. The Cooler I have picked is already used by another user here to Cool the i7-2600 OC'ed and works just fine.

I said I ALREADY had the 560GTX, So that can't be changed (Unless I can sale it for $180+).

I like that ram though, and the Lower Voltage Helps.

The Motherboard there costs a bit to much when getting the i7-2600, Though I will think about switching it back to the i5-2500.
Mar 24, 2011
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Burlington, VT
Processor Intel i5-2500k
Motherboard MSI P67A-GD65
Cooling Deep Cool Gammax 400
Memory 8GB (4x2GB) G.Skill Ripjaws X DDR3-1600
Video Card(s) Gigabyte GTX 1060 Windforce OC 6GB
Storage Samsung EVO 850 256GB / WD Caviar Black 1TB
Display(s) Acer GD235HZbid 120hz LCD
Case Rosewill Challenger Mid-Tower
Audio Device(s) Onboard
Power Supply Corsair 650W 650-TX
Software Windows 10
Micro-Stuttering is most common in BF3, but I've heard of it happening in other games. If you already have the GTX560 then get an SSD. Many places have pointed out it's the most noticable performance increase you can get. I would still reccoment getting the Hyper 212+ with a second fan and doing Push\Pull, but that's just my opinion. I really don't think you'll need the i7-2600k, and saving the money towards getting an SSD, a better mobo, more RAM, or a better case would probably be better spent.