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Plea for help with bitcoin mining



I've installed the bitcoin program and have a couple of guiminers. I finally managed to download all of the blocks and made many connections (50 at one point) to get the blocks.

My problem is that the guiminer is stuck with a status bar message of "connecting". There are no obvious errors in the console but I've posted the console stream below (there is one message that looks suspicious and I'm going to see if upgrading my 6850's firmware helps with that).

Part of my problem in researching this is that I want to run as a solo miner. That means I need to set the client to act as a server (which I've done).

there is almost no info I could find on solo bitcoin mining and I think I need to point it to a server of some sort similar to what people who pool mine use. Except there seems to be absolutely no information on this.

I'd appreciate any help with this and will try to quantify my gratitude if I ever pull down some bc.

Running command: C:\Users\bob\Downloads\# pinned apps\guiminer\miners\puddinpop\rpcminer-opencl.exe -user=terrianin -password=bit99999 -url=http://localhost:8332
Listener for "ocl4" started
Listener for "ocl4": Client will start 1 miner threads
Listener for "ocl4": Work will be refreshed every 4000 ms
Listener for "ocl4": 1 OpenCL platforms found
Listener for "ocl4": 1 OpenCL GPU devices found on platform 0
Listener for "ocl4": Setting OpenCL device to first device found
Listener for "ocl4": Available extensions : cl_khr_global_int32_base_atomics cl_khr_global_int32_extended_atomics cl_khr_local_int32_base_atomics cl_khr_local_int32_extended_atomics cl_khr_3d_image_writes cl_khr_byte_addressable_store cl_khr_gl_sharing cl_ext_atomic_counters_32 cl_amd_device_attribute_query cl_amd_vec3 cl_amd_printf cl_amd_media_ops cl_amd_popcnt cl_khr_d3d10_sharing
Listener for "ocl4": Defining AMDMEDIAOPS
Listener for "ocl4": Create context rval=0
Listener for "ocl4": Create command queue rval=0
Listener for "ocl4": Creating program with source
Listener for "ocl4": Building program with options -D AMDMEDIAOPS
Listener for "ocl4": Build program rval=0
Listener for "ocl4": build STATUS:
Listener for "ocl4": build LOG:d:\temp\OCL819E.tmp.cl(51): warning: unknown attribute "vec_type_hint"
Listener for "ocl4": __kernel __attribute__((vec_type_hint(uint))) WORKGROUP void opencl_process(__global opencl_in *in, __global opencl_out *out, const uint loops, const uint bits)
Listener for "ocl4": ^
Listener for "ocl4": Not unrolled because pragma requests no unroll
Listener for "ocl4": Create kernel rval=0
Listener for "ocl4": Done allocating OpenCL resources for (16,16)
Listener for "ocl4": Finding best configuration step end (16,16) 31480ms prev best=9223372036854775807ms
Listener for "ocl4": Done allocating OpenCL resources for (16,32)
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