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Please Help.... noob to ATI TOOL and I did something bad..


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Oct 9, 2008
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Hello all,

Thanks for having me as part of the community here, I wish my first post could be under better circumstances. I d/l the ATI tool, and like an idiot started messing with memory and processor speeds right off the bat :twitch:. I have the ATI 9600 series and now the video is all garbled, violet and green pixels everywhere I can see the desktop in the background, but looks like the video is having some kind of redraw issues, but Im no expert, thats why im begging for some help. I have done everything I can think of to remedy the problem short of pulling the video card or memory sticks. I have used system restore to an earlier checkpoint, removed the current drivers, removed all ATI applications and folders. For some reason I can not get into safe mode either. Can anyone please help, my system is a hodgepodge custom built frankenstein, so it has 1 GB memory, a 2.66 AMD processor , running xp professional, with service pack 2.