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Possible nas build?

Discussion in 'System Builder's Advice' started by freaksavior, Apr 17, 2013.


Parts or NAS

  1. diskless nas

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  2. Buy parts

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  1. freaksavior

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    Dec 11, 2006
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    After troubleshooting most of last night and this morning i've come to the conclusions somethings broke.

    I tried 4 operating systems. Mint 14, 14.1 Ubuntu 12.10, 11.x and 10.04, also tried windows 7.

    I tried multiple sata ports, and two different drives that show SMART to be fine.

    The system just hangs after the OS boots and never proceeds any further. It's an old AMD Athlon from a 939 2.5gbs of ram.

    My dad suggested a diskless NAS but we have 3 x 1.5tb and 1 x 500Gb which is decent as far as speeds go, but I suggested we just buy a new board, cpu, and ram.

    What is the opinion of TPU?

    Lets keep in mind as cheap as possible thats not going to suck balls.
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