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power comparison

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by bassmasta, Apr 18, 2007.

  1. bassmasta Guest

    okay, i need a bit of advice here. in a few months, i have the opporunity to get a new pc or lap-top. my rig right now has two x1600 in crossfire. the issue is that my mobo runs two pci-e cards at 8x each, and only 16x when one card is removed. if i were to get a lap top with mobility 1900, it will gave the same graphics memory as one of my cards, but will run with the full 16x lanes.

    on another note, would it be risky to wait untill june in the hopes that they will release a mobility version of the hd2900xt? im not sure how long it takes for them to convert a standard gpu into a mobility (pretty long, looking at the size of the thing). if not, would it be reasonable to upgrade to the 2900, or wait for the next version, as microsoft is already working on DX10.2, and as i understand it, the 2900 will only support 10.1?
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  2. bassmasta Guest

    a little bump
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