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Power User / System Core + Storage + distance

May 13, 2015
285 (0.12/day)
Processor AMD Ryzen 3800X / AMD 8350
Motherboard ASRock X570 Phantom Gaming X / Gigabyte 990FXA-UD5 Revision 3.0
Cooling Stock / Corsair H100
Memory 32GB / 24GB
Video Card(s) AMD Radeon 290X (Toggling until 6950XT)
Storage C:\ 1TB SSD, D:\ RAID-1 1TB SSD, 2x4TB-RAID-1
Display(s) Samsung U32E850R
Case be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 Black rev. 2 / Fractal Design
Power Supply EVGA Supernova 1300G2 / EVGA Supernova 850G+
Mouse Logitech M-U0007
Keyboard Logitech G110 / Logitech G110
I'm a web developer who codes, works with some moderate amount of multimedia and games on the side. I rarely voltage overclock until I can afford to replace something (next year should allow me to be a bit bolder) and I have a lot of stuff figured out. My budget is fairly reasonable, ~$2,000 for a rebuild. Technically this is the first PC I've build (late 1990s) as I've never outright replaced it; obviously all original parts long gone/dead/electrocuted someone else.

Rebuild Parts:
  • AMD 3800X, fits my budget with reasonable clocks for gaming and doubles the threads of my 8350.
  • 64GB DDR4, this is easily my favorite RAM heatsink (I've had a lot of good experiences with G.Skill) though the specs are good and I can very easily keep the abomination known as the page file disabled.
  • X570 motherboard (8 SATA, 3 NVMe, no Intel and ideally no WIFI but if WIFI I need to keep the rig at least ten feet away from where I sleep and sit, more below).
  • 3x12TB HGST drives for RAID 1 (one cold spare that gets cloned) for crazy low failure rates (no dead drives for nearly two decades and I'm currently running 7 drives (3 x RAID 1) total).
  • 4x2TB Samsung NVMe (C:\ solo, D:\ RAID 1, one cold spare that I'll clone the C:\ with).
  • be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 Silver rev. 2 (I require: 2x 5.25 external, six 3.5 inch bays (I have SSD adapters) and a side window. I do not like external items hanging off the side with the sole exception of maybe having an external liquid radiator for the CPU. I want two independent radiators for the CPU/GPU and the larger one will be for the GPU as I only do some video encoding; two double-radiators would be ideal and both internally if possible. I'd be okay with a single CPU/GPU radiator if it had at least three fans. LEDs aren't neccesary though if they exist there is a dead-simple easy off switch for them.
Along for the Ride:
  • Corsair Hydro H100; is it compatible with socket AM4? I'd imagine so...
  • AMD R9-290X; I'm waiting for an AMD 16GB RDNA2 card next year and this card is easily doing everything I need but it runs hot and I never managed to find liquid cooling by the time I could afford to consider it. Still does 4K just fine for the few games I play.
  • I have five 1TB Samsung SSDs (1x C:\. 2x D:\ RAID 1, 1 external cold spare/C:\ clone and another in a laptop). The NVMe drives will be a little down the road but the MB/CPU/RAM and 12TB drives will get ordered around December 15th. I'm currently using all 10 SATA ports and am trying to reduce that number. I tried doing RAID 1 with a couple of Crucial drives back around 2014 without any success and while that may not be an issue for most brands I'm sticking with Samsung here as an entrepreneur I can't afford to waste time sending products for exchanges.
  • EVGA SuperNOVA 1300 G2 120-G2-1300-XR 80+ GOLD 1300W, if a 750 watt PSU couldn't handle a 290X (yeah, I know) I wasn't going to lowball on the next PSU and so I didn't.
  • 5.25" Dual Bay Mobile Rack; I frigin love this thing. I treat hard drives like floppy disks and clone to cold/external spare drives every now and then.
  • Samsung U32E850R, 32" 4K and really decent color / panel / response timing. My only complaint is that if I use DisplayPort it dumbs off and almost always requires a sacrilegious reboot.
  • Logitech G110 keyboard; because if you know how to use macro keys that will save your sanity and LED back-lighting is not optional!
  • A 12X Blu-ray drive; I don't do much optical media though I have some older games I may rarely install or burn a disc for someone who needs something and I don't have any spare USB throw-away drives.

I don't do WIFI. I hate politics because it doesn't belong here, I'm never going to use WIFI willingly and I presume turning it off doesn't turn it off (I'll be buying an EMF meter/detector). Unfortunately the nicer motherboards (my current 990FX, 790FX and Socket 754 are/were all Gigabyte and never died) all have WIFI. So I was watching a Linus personal build video and he mentioned he keeps his rigs in the closet and uses a single Thunderbolt cable. That would be acceptable (presuming I can get at least ten feet with a flat cable that easily fits under the door to the closet) and can hook up my HDMI KVM switch (no anywhere nearly affordable DisplayPort KVM switches, the-f?!) somehow. I don't like the heat and I can tolerate the noise so I'm looking for suggestions. I have zero qualms about 200 foot Ethernet cords when need be.

Input I'm seeking:
  • Liquid cooling for what will either likely be a Radeon 5970/6970 and my 3800X; ideally separate though I like the be Quiet case (open to other case suggestions though lets keep it under $300).
  • X570 motherboard that is high end and no WIFI and doesn't have any frigin Intel-anything (LAN) as they don't deserve my money.
  • Option to move the rig in to a closet or about ten feet away from my desk/bed; I'm moderately aware of cable length limitations.
Again I'm likely going to order the CPU/MB/RAM/12TB Mech drives on December 15th. The motherboard and extended distance from my rig (bedroom is always my office) are the two areas I haven't figured out yet. I'll buy the NVMe drives a little later. I'm looking for input on those last three points and open in general. My weakest experience is with liquid cooling and I'm mostly trying to plan for a large AMD card later in 2020 once they can justify the much small margins on GPUs than what they make from server chips. They need a war chest though I agree with the mind-share thing too.
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