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problems with displaying my resolution

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by McKiester, Sep 10, 2007.

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    Aug 6, 2007
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    I posted this on NVIDIA long ago and didnt get any help. maybe someone here can help. this is what i posted
    Aug 28 2007
    I just had a 8500 GT installed, and i have a 19" wide screen LCD with a 1440x900 optimal resolution. Before with my Intigrated 6100 graphics i had the option of setting the Resolution to my monitors Native Resolution. But after this install. the display settings does not list
    1440 x 900. Everything but that.

    . So now, either i am forced to veiw at a low Resolution and go blind by the Blur or at a higher Resolution but with everything Skewed or streched out or out of frequancey range . am i now going to need to buy a new monitor that supports a higher Resolution. I have looked in both the Nvidia controls and the Windows display settings for a remedy but my resolution is not listed

    Today, 09:13

    I have called Nvidia and was told that my native display resolution is an oddball resolution and not very common ,and that the Graphics card does not support this resolution 1440 x 900. I looked at the release notes for the driver, and infact seen that my resolution is not listed in the supported resolutions for the 8500. But i beg to differ in the comment that it is a oddball resolution. if you look at all the new LCD 19" wide screen resolutions that are being sold on the market today have the resolution 1440x 900 as the native resolution . could you please include this resolution in the next driver release. or tell me how i can fix this issue. so i dont have to spend $300-$350 for a new monitor.

    Can anyone help with this. I have Vista and NVIDIA does not include the Nveiw with vista anymore that gave the ability to customize your display settings . and another Question . why does my display settings menu say that i have a generic Non plug n play monitor?
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