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Project Colmec, Smart Desk


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Mar 25, 2013
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This post is to share my colmec´s project, which it´s about smart desk and it has a PC modding. The smart desk is managed by switches which it allow open cases, lighting, and turn on devices. I thought that I was a woodwork´s weekend, because I took this activity for get over a right shoulder illness cause a motorcycle crash.

In order to explain colmec´s project, I show you the next video, this appears in Spanish because I from Colombia and my first language is spanish:

Proyecto Colmec - YouTube

I say that I did everything with clean wood and measure that I need in my studio. I share some pictures about the process to be usefull. If you want to do a project, I’m open to your cuestions. I’ve water marked pictures, because I´ll made this kind project, as my economic activity. I love it that I decided to take a risk and leave my last work.

This is moduleing that I wanted to do in general perspective.

I started in a simply way with a small jig saw, sandler, motortool and a drill, but a strong idea to do something special.

I worked with clean MDF, in sheets of 9mm, 12mm y 15mm, quadrants of 2x2cms and 3x3cms. It seems stronger.

If you start something well, you finished well too!

It´s the down cases, chest (A module) and drawer framework (B module).

After anchoring down module structure, I putted, cause I dislike see screws, and I worked hard cause I ´m a perfectionist person.

Installing structure strengthening and second mask of putty.

Beginning the book case (module C), background and sides.

The structure must asamble with clumps 90 grades, so you can be sure that will be hard.

If the book case background doesn´t have leg, must be reinforced to doesn´t have any damage when it moves on the floor and to support any weight. This structure strengths sides to they don´t from background so they don´t fold.

After covering and puttying I put on the top of the desk strengthening sides of the same way that I did with the background.

Soon it would be evident that I need more tools. I buy a “Dremel trio” which was so fickle cause it´s possible to do different tasks with this tool. I use it as a Router Bit and cutter with angles that the jig saw can´t do it.

Carrying on with the bookcase. I started making the storing spaces. Sometimes it´s necessary to repeat the process of putty´s dried and rubbed. When pores aren´t closed (it´s not the case of MDF) or if it´s necessary cover screws or faultiest.

After choosing some iron works (some of my wife preferred and me too). I started to make Module B chest and I didn´t install the legs´ movable.

Until that moment I took 4 months and even more making the project cause between the job, my wife, may daughter and social activities I didn´t have enough time, only on weekends. Nowdays, I´ve decided to work with wood, full time. My intention is to make modern and useful things.
Then imported different kind of tools – I use to import cause it was my job before, I had my own company: “Colmec Technologies”. I use to import cause is cheaper too-

That you see there is a “Dewalt tools set”. I do recommend it cause prizes and performance. I chose 20 V MAX SERIES for 3 amperes battery. They have long endurance and the charge in one hour, I can work during the week only with a charge. Doesn´t matter if I work with a Hammer drill or Circular saw. This set has a Hammer Drill, an impact driver, a Reciprocating saw, a Circular saw.
The others are: Router bits, Saw blades, multipurpose drill bits, Counter drill bits and other things more.

I decided to adapt a big space at home and make it as my workshop lab. The place is so hot. It helps to handle the stickings, wood sealer, paintings, etc. Temperature isn´t by sun so wood doesn´t damage and it feels so fine and handle to drill and rub.

At bottom, you can see painting cabin in which I installed a ventilator with three fans of 20cms industrial. It´s evident that my dog adores camera. My wife´s hobbie is photography and we teach it how to pose for camera.

After rubbing sides, sealing and rubbing wood sealers (MDF only requires a mask. It must do two masks if it has damages) painting is the thing that I´ll never make it again for any project cause I don´t like painting. It requires too much time and patience. I found a wonder covering that it´ll see more up to date. It doesn´t relate with neither melanine wood nor any by stile.

The book case (Module C) has already its colors; green copper, gold and black. All are shiny. Iron works are installed already. It isn´t supported by a base, it has just painted.

In module B are installed masked legs because at the end I want to make another polished with polyurethane. Legs are required to give the final high of the movable and continue with the table movable (Module D).

This is module A finished with its ironworks, masked high side cause on module A will be the big table.

The big table will be between modules in order to stamp it and define some spaces that we´ll see later.

In this picture, at the bottom, we see a removed circle from the big table in which a 20 cms fan will cross.

20cms fan is measured in all spaces that every two fan will occupy. The position from fans and temperature monitor is fit.

Here we see the PC case. Obviously is made of wood. On the left is the first fan opening (20cms), fans controller and DVD writer. It´s a control board switches of the desk. In the middle is the space for a gloomy glass. The cut for glass is stamped. It´ll be on the cap.

Glass space on the top of case was already made, including its support hole. On the left is the turn on switch opening.

A duct is defined by DVD writer pass, Temperature monitor and hard disk. At the bottom is an opening, a 14 cms fan space.

On the right you see the LCD small Monitor support that gives us security camera´s video.

This part is as important to me as a project cause it´s impossible to say that your product become personal if it doesn´t have your name. In this case my nickname and is the name of my company. It took too much work; I did different proofs to get a good result. It was made with the trio and file´s
Clock and watch maker. I´m gonna try with pyrogravure.

Painting and glossed were made impeccable due to I could give the polyurethane glossed easily. I liked the result painting used was enamel indoors and the first gloss was a gloss wood.

PC parts and others were imported. I bought some parts in my city Bogotá because weight is the case of UPS and monitors. I don´t use to import monitors cause they could be damaged easily during the trip. Neither I recommend do it with hard disks.


Out of the case: 2 UPS 650 DELUX, 1000JAVAN. 2 LEC SAMSUNG 22” MONITORS. 2 – 20 CMS FANS. 3-14 CMS FANS. CREATIVE SYSTEM SOUND. XBOX 360 WIRELESS RECEIVER, POWER SORING TIMER. Moulding for 3,5”—5,25” hard Disk. HDMI cables. DVR and 8 cameras set . Sharkoon skiller keyboard. Mouse band new Dealheroes. USB Bluetooth adapter. 12VDC led Light tape. Switches and cabling.

When the Harness was installed it needed to install fans. The place where fans are I had to modify for free space because I didn´t realize about HDMI long cables conector. They touched glass and I didn´t like it.

In detail, the COLMEC result. Wood cut in golden letters.

It seems installed PC into the case in this diffuse picture. Cables haven´t had lane yet. On the left, you can see the change that I TOLD YOU ABOUT FANS. Case was painted golden.

Finally, after too much work, a great therapy. Thanks to my wife, my daughter, my family and friends. COLMEC is finished. Here some pictures with new Colmec Technologies Logo. “Colmec Technologies Mobiliary.” Please see how change “ON/OFF” PC in its inner part.

I know that could have doubts about how is controlled cases opening. Use special Solenoids.
Those kind of use in ATMs shutter. Use similar parts that you can find in those machines; including the security camera monitor which it was hard to find it because it´s supposed that they are exclusively used by maker. But finally I found it.

There are many controlled and hide cases by similar slide. Found them in NCR Machines ATMs productive Company. Some similar Security applications were installed. I know them, because I worked as a Customer service engineer in NCR some years ago.

I hope you enjoy my post. I tried to do it shorter and easier. Thank you so much for visiting it. If you have any project and you need advising, I´ll answer you. Thank you for sharing this post and recommending me, This job will be my family maintenance. Apologies for my English, I´m not 100% bilingual.