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PSU Purchase Guide

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Damian^, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. Damian^

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    Hey guys just thought I'd post some links and what not for some pretty helpful information on how to base a decision what kind of power supply one needs. For the beginners/tech junkies.

    I know I know I'm always posting when it comes to power supplies, but they're so easy to talk about. Heck half my posts are in PSU threads and I don't even specialize in that area :laugh: (I'm more of a RAM/Cooling person ;)) Just goes to show how simple it is to base ones thoughts on them.

    1. Panchoman's PSU guide.
    Certainly a great buyers guide for well known brands/OEMS

    2. The Truth About Graphics Power Requirements V2
    I hope people understand the truth about just how much power is needed for video cards and that you don't need to go crazy on the watts when buying a simple gaming/overclocking machine. I like to think of this link as a bible for whenever I need to find out how much wattage is needed for my builds and other people's builds.

    3. Proving you don't need a huge PSU to run a Hi-End System, Dispelling the myth Link

    4. Everything you need to know about power supplies link
    For the tech junkies! :toast:

    5. Why 99% of Power Supply Reviews Are Wrong link
    Guys! please read this article follow this artile live by this article! :)

    6. 80+ certified PSU's link

    7. Single vs. 12V rail (ITS A HOAX!) link
    Forget rails and amps (well not entirely but you know what i will mean) first look for a unit that can actually deliver its rated output. Then look for a unit with at least 25A~30A or more on a rail (this isn't anything official but its just how I shop for units)

    Well I was bored and I figured might as well post links for any beginners or people like me just wanting to learn and learn and learn and learn :)

    Just a little tip when buying a unit:
    Find out how much power your computer needs first, add a couple watts (100~150) so you have some headroom which can result in less heat which will result in greater efficiency. Once you find your predetermined wattage look for a well known brand that is known for using quality parts and know what they're doing. Then make a rough estimate on how many amps you will need. Follow Panchomans guide!

    I'm a man of giving credit where credit is due but I'm also lazy so the credit can be found in the links. The work/articles that i pointed out which can be led to by the links above re not mine. I don't accept any credit of it.


    Damian :toast:
    Supreme0verlord, n-ster and ShadowFold say thanks.
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    Montreal, Canada
    very nice :p

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