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Rebates are awesometastic!

Feb 7, 2006
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Processor AMD X2 AM2+
Memory 2GB DDR2
Video Card(s) 7900gto
Storage 80GB+120GB 7200RPM IDE + 250GB SATA2 + 500GB SATA2
Display(s) 26" 1920x1200
Case Antec Nine Hundred
Audio Device(s) OnBoard
Power Supply Ultra 600W with X-Connect
Software Vista Ultimate
I haven't bought a whole whole lot in the recent months (with the large and i mean large exception of the my new lcd monitor! coming wed i hope!), but what i do buy, if it costs more than 10-20 bucks, i get it on a rebate. i just checked out all my sites, and the envelopes i just stuffed, and i will be 280 bucks richer in 6-8 weeks time. this includes; $65 for antec 500W psu w/ $50 MIR; $60 for Ultra 500W psu w/ $50 MIR; $170 for Canon MP500 + DVD player w/ $30 MIR (I don't count this as big because I had just sold my still in box MP450 to my bro on the west coast for $120, making this a $50 investment with $30 coming back, which includes my DVD player for my new room, the printer which had earlier faciliated $300+ in MIR for my Emachines comp back in November); $355 for my new 20" Samsung 204b LCD (16x12 I'm sooo excited!!) w/ $60 MIR; 3 X $40 wireless routers for my house and friends house w/ 3x $30 MIR (mailed to my house, my neighbors, and my house in cali. woot!), oh and they all paid me back the $40 because I found the deal and installed it for them. I said I would do it for the rebate!)

I just want this to show to everyone that this hobby ain't cheap (neither is moving into your first apartment!) but it can be purchased piece by piece and tons of money can be saved!

post your rebate success stories here as you see fit!

clearly i like rebates. a lot of people don't. they are just sales they say, except we do the work. sometimes tho, those in charge of the system, the man if you will, gets lazy, and it can be taken advantage of. let's take my wireless keyboard and mouse which I WAS PAID $5 for! (-$.32 x 2 for postage) because they were retarded and doubled my rebate forms. bam. double $25 rebate on a $45 keyboard mouse set, marked down from $80 for black friday.
Mar 2, 2006
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Memory 2x512MB GeIL
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Display(s) HP vs17
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Audio Device(s) Soundblaster
Power Supply Ultra X-Finity 500 Watt
I got that Ultra X-Finity 500 watt PSU too for $9.99 after all rebates.
Jan 18, 2006
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Video Card(s) ASUS STRIX GTX 1080
Storage Samsung EVO 840 250gb SSD, Samung EVO PRO 256gb SSD, 2 TB WD Black Edition HDD.
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When I buy all my hardware at the end of the mounth... Im gonna get about 70$ in rebates, 30$ rebate of each each card, and about 10$ rebate of the HD, So its praticly like taking money off the items... Though it does take quite a while.