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RFH: Another fake chinese GFX


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Mar 20, 2019
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Hello All,

A little background: My partner has purchased me a '4gb 1050ti' of ebay for £51.89, which has obviously turned out to be fake. We have managed to get a refund for her, however the seller does not seem to want to pay for the card to be returned (for those who seem to ask, the seller was 'rabbit-inside', and the listing was entitled "GTX1050TI 4G 128BIT DDR5 VGA HDMI Graphics Card For NVIDIA GeForce RA" - unfortunately, the listing has now been removed by ebay). I actually quite like this card - it gives a performance increase over my old Palit 650 (more likely a rebranded 450R1 from what I can see), and as I only work part time due to health issues, a free upgrade would be very much appreciated (and would probably make my partner feel a little better too ;-) ).

However, it reports its memory as 4GB, when in reality it only has 2GB, which obviously causes issues with some software. I don't currently have a picture of the whole card, but I have dismantled it and can confirm it has:
GPU: GF116-200-KA-A1
Mem: Elpida W2032BBBG-50-F (x8, giving 8x2Gbits=2GB RAM)
BIOS: Winbond 25x20CLNIG (marked U4)

Also GPU-Z reports
Shaders: 192 unified
ROPS: 16
TMU: 12
Bus: 128bit

And therein lies the rub...I cannot find a bios for this GPU that support 2GB, nor one that supports less RAM and has an exact match for the shaders/rops/tmus. I have tried a couple of 450 and 550 BIOSes (using a CH341A USB programmer and SOIC lead), and they appear to flash OK, but have graphical corruption on boot.

NiBiTor and FermiBiosEditor are both unable to open the original BIOS for editing. I have tried looking through the "NVIDIA BIOS Information Table Specification" in the hope of manually editing the BIOS, but cannot find where the memory size of the card might be stored.

Would anybody have any ideas on how to proceed with this? I know you're all probably bored to death with these threads by now, but I would truly appreciate any ideas you may have.

Many Thanks!



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May 14, 2004
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GPU-Z screenshot and card photos please
Feb 22, 2019
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Hate to tell you, but that core is a 450 GTS.
Oct 22, 2014
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Yep, revision 2 or 3, the difference is the vRam, one has GDDR5, the other has GDDR3, and both only have 1024Mb.
The "W" in the Ram part number indicates it is the GDDR5 Ram.
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Mar 20, 2019
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Hello All!!

Many thanks for your replies, and apologies for the delay in posting - I've been waiting for some good light to take the card pictures.

Attached are the GPU-Z screenshot, and photos of the front and rear of the card, chip numbers etc appear legible (just!), let me know if they are no good, or you need anything further. It may be worth noting that it didn't originally have the 6 pin PCIe power connector (I added that to see if it would help with overclocking...It didn't, but nothing blew up, so I'm counting that as a win ;-) )

I had come to the conclusion this card was probably a 450 (or 550...nvidias numbering scheme isn't straightforward to me). A quick check of TechPowerUp GPU database shows there are mobile GPU's with this core and 2GB, however, the ROPs/TMUs/etc don't match, and I'm unsure how a mobile BIOS would work on an actual card even if they did match.

Thanks again for your responses!