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Router is screwed? Not recieving packets.


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Sep 4, 2006
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Hey guys,
ive had my wireless network going for quite some time now, about a year and a half or so.

I have Broadband internet running into my Netcomm wireless router which is then connected to:
1) An IBM computer (family computer) in my study via wired connection
2) My computer in my room (approx 5-7 meters away) via wireless LAN card

As before mentioned the router is a Netcomm 5540 and it uses the 11G type wireless connection. My PC has a Texas Instruments 10/100 wireless reciever on a PCI slot.

Anyway, over the years it works on and off. If im online for 8 hours a day it will work flawlessly for 7 and then the other half hour i will be trying to get it working by frantically repairing the network connection on my machine as well as cold starting the router by unplugging it.

The problem is that although i am getting connected to the router and that i have a good signal reading i am not receiving any packets, although the computer is sending out packets regularly. All the while, on the other computer, the same thing is happening despite it being DIRECTLY connected to the router.

When msn troubleshooter runs its telling me that my "DNS is unable to resolve IP addresses"

Can anyone shed light on whats going on with this shite router?
Anyone with similar problems?