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Rx 580 stops producing picture


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Jun 28, 2020
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Hi I have a problem with my sapphire pulse rx 580 4gb. When I play Fortnite or any other game that is heavy at some point my pc just stops producing picture on my Tv (1080p 60hz) I cant move in the game but I can hear my friends talking and they can hear me back only thing I can do is reset my pc and it gets really annoying and gfx sound like its gonna fly. I tried increasing the power limit meter for 10 I tried adjusting fan speed but it doesnt work. The problem appears when I play Fortnite, Assassins creed Odyssey and CoD Warzone. Its connected with HDMI cable. Now is it because its overheating (it goes up to 78C) or because of cable because the pc was connected to a 75hz monitor with display port and I have latest drivers installed.
Feb 24, 2013
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Assam (India)
System Name PC
Processor Intel Core i5 4590
Motherboard MSI B85 G41 PC Mate
Cooling Cooler Master Hyper 212 evo
Memory 2x8GB Kingston HyperX Fury
Video Card(s) Sapphire RX 580 8GB OC Pulse
Storage 2TB+1TB Seagate, .5TB Hitachi, 1TB WD Green
Display(s) BenQ GW2760HS
Case Cooler Master Elite 371 USB3
Audio Device(s) Asus Xonar DX
Power Supply Corsair CX 600
Mouse Asus Espada GT200
Keyboard Logitech G100
Software Windows 10 x64 1903
Are you using Radeon Enhanced Sync?


Oct 26, 2005
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Make sure to use certified high quality cables to plug your monitors.

If you have a cheap power supply like Corsair VS/RM or unknown brand, consider buying a new one.

Uninstall all display drivers and then perform a cleanup with Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) from safe mode.

Take the PC outside, open the case, and remove all the dust with air blower or hair dryer with a cold setting.

Remove the graphics card and blow some air in the x16 PCI express slot.

Carefully remove the heatsink from the graphics card and clean the fans with a toothbrush.

Clean the graphic cards with isopropyl alcohol and cotton swabs. Especially the GPU area and PCIe pins.

When you're done, reapply thermal paste on the GPU, remount the heatsink, plug it back in.

Download and install the latest drivers from AMD's website.

If the graphics card still doesn't work, try to underclock both GPU and VRAM.