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Secure ROM 15 machine activation limit!?

Nov 1, 2008
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I just noticed that some games that i downloaded from steam have a 15 machine activation limit. Does anyone know if that is consecutive or total?

I'd hate to be lose my games after 15 re-formats of my drive, which i do quite regularly. If it's a total of 15 activations, is there a way around this? E.g. could i e-mail anyone to get the game activation re-set or am i stuck with a game of a limited lifetime?

i found these 2 faq's for one of my games (below) but they don't mention whether revoking a licence and un-installing the secure-rom protection would bring my "activation count" back up.


Anyone have any experience with this?

What happens if my mobo/HD/Video card dies or my OS gets corrupted and i can not uninstall, do i lose that activation and have to use another one?

Edit - I'm also really confused about the games for windows live software... i log in with my hotmail e-mail address and then it appears i have a username, but it is pretty random and not something i chose, is there anyway to change this?
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Feb 26, 2008
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Usually if you get an activation limit it can be revoked either just before or during the uninstallation process or with a separate "tool" (software). it also usually means concurrent which means at the same time, so for example if you have a 15 machine limit, you can install on 15 different machines before the game locks up, however revoking one will grant you one.

if you are unfortunate enough to lose one activation due to an HDD wipe or OS corrupt, then you've lost one. losing one perhaps two is normal ( i would say), losing all 15 is deliberate.