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Share your PyPerformance 1.10.0 benchmarks

Jul 15, 2022
623 (1.04/day)
Although Python is the most popular programming language in many domains, its performance has not been tested often in the TPU forums.
I suspect you can easily run the following tests on windows, Linux, BSD and macOS.

Benchmark json_loads : 13.3 milliseconds

Benchmark crypto_pyaes : 44.3 milliseconds

Benchmark regex_compile : 79.5 milliseconds

Hardware: Intel 12600KF (stock) -- Kingston 6200 MHz CL36 -- Sapphire RX 7600 -- BIOSTAR B760MZ-E PRO -- Antec P6 -- Xilence XP550 -- ARCTIC i35 -- EVO 850 500GB
Software: Alpine Linux, river wm, Python 3.11

You can find the test on this page: https://github.com/python/pyperformance
Please include your specific hardware and software when you post a result.

I didn't do any optimization before running these tests.
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Jul 15, 2022
623 (1.04/day)
These are some additional results from this benchmark suite that I obtain with the same hardware and software.

Benchmark raytrace : 170 milliseconds

Benchmark float : 42.1 milliseconds

Benchmark chaos : 39.4 milliseconds

Benchmark django_template : 21.0 milliseconds

Benchmark go : 87.9 milliseconds

State of Tech Hiring 2024

We asked developers “Which programming languages do you know?”.
We also asked recruiters “Which programming languages does your company have high demand for?”.

#1 = Python

I think Python is a redundant programming language that adds nothing positive to the software world, but of course, as long as companies keep asking for it, it will remain popular.
That's why I've tested it extensively. I'm also kind of curious what the current performance of windows10/11 and macOS is in these tests.