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Stargate System Lords The game is coming soon

Jan 18, 2013
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Stargate system lords is coming Soon. MMORPG

A thousand years before the great Jaffa rebillion,

before Teal'c betrayed his God, and before Ra's defeat

by the hands of a Tau'ri. There was a time where the

Goa'uld of the galaxy were still building their

footholds and populating the galaxy. Travel through the

Stargate and become a Goa'uld on a back water planet to

use the best of your parasitic ways to learn new

technologies, enslave man kind and construct great

vessels to carry your vast armies across the stars in

your conquest to control the galaxy.

Real breathing map of the galaxy
An actual real distance between stars
A complete working Stargate network
Build large armies to conquer your enemies
Level your cominion by fighting other Goa'ulds
Increase your technology as you grow