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Starting Issues Help Please :`(

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Exile_Chavez, Oct 7, 2011.

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    I would say hello people of the forums like I normally do, but currently I am a bit down in the dumps, by a bit, I mean completely. Before the issue at hand, some back-story:

    I built my own computer a couple years back, and decided to clean it a couple weeks ago. When I pulled the front panel off, the cables to the power button came off, and first thought is crap. I contact Xclio, and being based in Taiwan this takes about 3 days, I get tired of waiting after a week and a half, due to time zones and all, and decided to start looking for a new case, while this isn't important, every detail counts in this case continued back-story below:

    While the cables of the power button were disconnected(currently practicing with my clan to go competitive), I really needed to practice with them, so I held the exposed end of the wires to the power button and pretty much jumped the button to make it work. This worked for a week, while I was still talking to Xclio. But then my work has a soldering iron, and I was like "I can fix this!", but no, the exposed terminals(correct me if that is the wrong name) on the button were machine soldered together with the wires, something no human could do. What ended up happening is me(having never soldered before) melting about a third of the button, and giving up on it.

    So I got it home, and needed to practice some more so I was thinking that it would jump on the same way it did before hand, but it didn't. It would blink with a little bit of power, LEDs and all, then just stop. Hit the power button again, and nothing would happen. Flip the master switch on the back of my PSU off and then on, hit the power button, it would flicker again but not turn on.

    By this point my new case, the NZXT phantom(which was nice to work inside btw, very nice) had been ordered and was on its way, so I gave up and stopped messing with it. Well I spent the last 4-5 hours moving everything over and dusting it off, and installing it into the Phantom that had just gotten here today, flipped the master switch on the PSU to on, hit the power button, and none other than flicker a bit, then off.

    At this point I am having problems with voices in my head saying sell it all and build a brand new one, which I don't have funds for otherwise I would, and the other one saying go here and get help. Just picture the face of the saddest looking computer builder you can, and now sadder than that, you know what I am feeling now then. Also, this is a couple smileys that will help: :nutkick: :eek: :banghead: :cry: :( and for the nut shot, I am the dude on the right

    As for what is wrong, I don't have an honest clue, my best guess is my over achieving by jumping to the computer either did something to the CPU, MoBo, or PSU. Which entails most of the computer. So I don't know.

    I have come here to pose the question, of what is wrong with my computer, because I know the answer lies here in the forums somewhere.

    -For some additional details of how I jumped it:

    Took both ends of the unattached power switch cable and touched them to the corresponding(I cannot verify that they were touching the right terminals(plus to plus etc)) terminals on the button, while simultaneously pressing the button at the right time, and this would cause the computer to turn on.

    At the point of it flickering from doing this, I was probably stupid in the fact that I stripped some of the end of the wires to the power switch cable, and touched them together(cause that is all the button does is complete the circuit right?), this just caused it to flicker and not turn on.

    More information about Flicker:

    What it would do is simply flash the LEDs to all my fans, some of them would start to spin just slightly, for about half a second to a second, then turn off and refuse to do anything after that.

    That is all the information that I can think of to help right now, if there is more needed I will supply it the best I can. The full system and information is on my profile, the system information under my name contains it all up to date.

    Please help, I can care less about practice now, I just want by baby working.

    Thanks in advanced.
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    I'm no electrical expert... but ever heard the saying impatience killed the cat..

    try a friends PSU

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