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Steam Holiday Sale

May 10, 2007
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London, England
@ twicksisted: Got the Logitech Chillstream, has the same controls, and identifies itself as an XBox 360 controller, works well, but my previous controller had two more buttons, at the back, which I used with my middle fingers, and were great for gear changes, as I hate the R2 and L2 equivalent buttons for gears, so now I use Y and B for gears. Not the greatest, but works better than automatic...

Turns out I shall not be buying said games, I have limited funds, heh, and will be using the money I do have to go towards a HR-03 GT, my 3850 is comfortable at 100% fan speed, but I'm not...

Oh, and I just have my Steam folder on my documents drive, filling up about 10GB, which is partially from some mods, both for CS:S and some games, like Goldeneye: Source and Insurgency, so downloading CS:S, HL2 and HL2 Ep1 wouldn't be too bad, while Race and the Caterham expansion aren't huge.