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Super-Ergonomic customizable keyboard

Aug 30, 2004
5,358 (1.10/day)
Processor X2 3800+ @ 2.3 GHz
Motherboard DFI Lanparty SLI-DR
Cooling Zalman CNPS 9500 LED
Memory 2x1 Gb OCZ Plat. @ 3-3-2-8-1t 460 MHz
Video Card(s) HIS IceQ 4670 512Mb
Storage 640Gb & 160Gb western digital sata drives
Display(s) Hanns G 19" widescreen LCD w/ DVI 5ms
Case Thermaltake Soprano
Audio Device(s) Audigy 2 softmod@Audigy 4, Logitech X-530 5:1
Power Supply Coolermaster eXtreme Power Plus 500w
Software XP Pro
Its hard to tell at this point how much ease-of use that these keyboards may have, but because of the general concept of adjusting to the spread of your hand they will be very nice. One thing about the concept that is great, is that you could purchase keysets for different applications and arrange them how you like. A generic FPS game keyset could have keys with pictures of inventory standard to FPS games, and movement keys shaped for ease of use. While a keyset for a photoshop type program could have keys for switching through layers, applying commonly used effects and toggling between things quickly. News.com has the full story
...an innovative configuration of movable "smart" keys that can be assigned macros, or keyword combinations, to accomplish tasks such as implementing game cheats or executing software commands. Customizing the keys' layout to your preferences and work style, the theory goes, improves efficiency and saves time--whether you're piloting a flight simulation or flitting around a spreadsheet.
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