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Temperatures to expect?


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Aug 20, 2004
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Leipzig, Germany
I've got a Sapphire Radeon 9800 Pro with a R360 chip and LM63 temperature sensor with a Arctic Cooling VGA Silencer v3. The temperatures I get are:

Remote: 77.0°C Local: 57.0°C

(WinXP desktop, no load; environment 28°C, case 39°C, CPU 44°C)

In descriptions of the Overdrive feature the Alarm temperature is 75°C so I have some worries, if there is something wrong with the cooling. I don't have any crashes or something.
I just want to know, what temperatures can be expected for a "9800 Pro" with R360 on an XT PCB.

BTW: Many thanks for the temperature monitoring feature! You did a great job.

I should have read the manual before ;)

Remote temperature is the temperature of the GPU chip (on the 9800 series it is the temperature of a diode under the GPU + 20°C).
Local temperature is the temperature of the monitoring chip itself.

So everything is fine. I just have to subtract 20 °C from these 77 degrees and I get a very cool GPU with much potential to overclock :)
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