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The 660 Ti prices/reviews are out!

Discussion in 'NVIDIA' started by Frag Maniac, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. Frag Maniac

    Frag Maniac

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    Here I was saving this forum for the last of my daily surfing thinking it would be all abuzz with talk of the 660 Ti arrival, and no threads on the prices or reviews at all yet, despite TPU having reviewed at least three of them. I look forward to seeing them do reviews on the Giga and EVGA models,...pretty please.

    OK, I'll get to the chase. TPU seems to favor the $330 MSI Power Edition, claiming it offers the best performance boost over reference cards (roughly 6% across the board). The ASUS and Palit cards run a bit cooler though. Reference speed cards are going for $300 as hoped.

    My question is whether we've seen the best price to performance ratio yet? Clearly it ended up being the Gigabyte Windforce where the 670 was concerned, with it's more powerful dual 8-Pin PCB and low $400 reference price point, not to mention one of the best coolers of it's non reference 670 brethren. OC results on the Giga 670 are a bit inconsistent from one card to the next though, indicating perhaps the binning is not consistently good.

    Where MSI is concerned though, It seems they've really stepped up to the plate with their 660 Ti, somehow upping the wattage limitations well beyond the reference design. While it's performance percentage over reference clocked cards was only measured 1% above the ASUS TOP (also $330), it does make one wonder if it has more OC potential with the higher wattage limitation.

    Despite TPU saying the MSI 660 Ti PE has the highest performance boost over reference clocked cards, their OCing test showed the Palit card besting it by .1 FPS at lower clocks and temps. However they seemed to be using no significant FPS gain and triple slot cooling as their reason to rate Palit's card .3 lower score than the MSI card. It's also 4 db louder at load.


    On a side note, the only glaring problem with the 660 Ti reviews I've read is they all show it bombing on Metro 2033, very much outshined by it's nearest red camp rival, the 7950. While Last Light is claimed to be much better optimized, it still leaves you wondering if any other games that come out will make this card choke, while others chug along smoothly.
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  2. ZakkWylde


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    I would like to see a fully overclocked 7950 compared to a fully overclocked 660Ti. Then maybe I could make a decision on the card for my new rig. leaning towards a 7950 atm due to the price being about the same (at NCIX in Canada) and the extra vram and higher bit bus.
  3. Zubasa


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    The 7950 is indeed faster clock for clock compare to the 660Ti.
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