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The Callisto Protocol Benchmark Test & Performance Analysis


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Dec 19, 2022
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Sounds like I just need to buy a 4090. /s

I'm running a 3070 and 5800X, Raytracing off, 40ish FPS on Ultra, 60ish FPS on high. I need custom settings to pick and choose texture and lighting without murdering framerate on because "high" looks like a PS3 game, but ultra really brings the stutters, the loading lag, and wild framerate swings from 165 to 30.

My monitor's freesync window is at 48Hz, so I lock the framerate to 50fps in game to try and get the most consistent, stutter-free experience and even with FSR enabled, it's still dropping frames all over the place. I know my rig isn't exactly high-end by current standards, but this is simply a terrible, rushed port of a console game with all kinds of issues and near-zero optimsation. The consoles versions prove that it's a shit port. On top of that, HDR seems to be awful on my displays with this game, and the gamma/black levels were wrong by default, something that's SUPER IMPORTANT for a dark and moody horror game.

The game came free with an AMD RX6700 10GB and that's a good 25% slower than the 3070. but at least it can put up a 1080p60 experience when it's not stuttering.

hmmm I would try shadows and volumetric and particles on low still looks awesome but high performance cost to high. I don’t know about FSR as I don’t use these upscaling stuff. And the no AA and sharpen is super super important for me … can’t stand blurry games and or textures. Big big difference, I also hate AA haha it also removes some detail …

my friend! I had the same problem with the black Gamma level. At first I could solve it by going to the C2 osd under brightness and video range and chose limited instead of full or auto. That corrected it. But I FINALLY found the real solution! I have another game that does that also! Sudden Strike 4. Always too bright and needed to correction to limited. But here the permanent solution: in Windows Nvidia Control Panel. Under Resolution. You need to set it to 8bit color, RGB, Limited. … apply…. Then after that set to auto (Nvidia default or something like that). then when hdr enabled in Windows it’s auto to 10 bit etc. after I did that both games work perfect with gamma when TV is on auto. It’s so good man! It was so annoying before going through 5 menus in Tv osd to fix. Everything works perfectly after full 10 bit hdr.

im trying this tomorrow just for fun although my stutter is 99% gone it never hurts with great optimizations ….

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Sep 8, 2020
194 (0.17/day)
System Name Home
Processor 3950x
Motherboard Asrock Taichi x370
Cooling Thermalright True Spirit 140
Memory Patriot 32gb DDR4 3200mhz
Video Card(s) Sapphire Radeon RX 6700 10gb
Storage Too many to count
Display(s) U2518D+u2417h
Case Chieftec
Audio Device(s) onboard
Power Supply Chieftec 700W
Mouse Logitech g502 hero
Keyboard Logitech
Software Windows
It works now, game updated a few days ago.
I can play 1440p Ultra with FSR2 quality with constant 60fps, no ray tracing.


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Dec 19, 2022
8 (0.03/day)
It works now, game updated a few days ago.
I can play 1440p Ultra with FSR2 quality with constant 60fps, no ray tracing.

Thats so cool to hear! Awesome! I am gonna try out these engine tweaks now as we speak. Looks like the config has a lot of optimizations..
Jun 6, 2022
420 (0.87/day)
System Name Common 1/ Common 2/ Gaming
Processor 9400F/ 12500/ 13500
Motherboard Z370 DS3H/ B660M DS3H/ Z690 Gaming X
Cooling TDP: 135W/ 200W/ AIO
Memory 16GB/ 16GB/ 32GB
Video Card(s) GTX 1650/ UHD 770/ RTX 3070 Ti
Storage ~12TB inside + 6TB external.
Display(s) 1080p@75Hz/ 1080p@75Hz/ 1080p@165Hz+4K@60Hz
Case Budget/ Mini/ AQIRYS Aquilla White
Audio Device(s) Razer/ Xonar U7 MKII/ Creative Audigy Rx
Power Supply Cougar 450W Bronze/ Corsair 450W Bronze/ Seasonic 650W Gold
Mouse Razer/ A4Tech/ Razer
Keyboard Razer/ Microsoft/ Razer
Software W10/ W11/ W11
Benchmark Scores For my home target: all ok
2023, latest game update.
3070 Ti + i5-13500
1080p, preset ULTRA but FSR OFF and all Ray Tracing ON

Compared to the beginning, the game has been excellently optimized and looks good. Unfortunately, he's not my type. Neither are horror movies.
I bought it about two months ago because of the massive discount + 25% OFF offered by Epic.
Cumulatively, I have about two hours of gameplay, VSync is ON at 100 HZ and very rarely drops below this refresh rate.

I'm still waiting for the apocalypse from HU regarding the vRAM limit. It is not the case of this game, but The Last of US and Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw did not bring it.

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