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Thecus Announces Innovative Local Display Module

Discussion in 'News' started by btarunr, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. btarunr

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    Hyderabad, India
    Intel releases their new 64-bit driver for multimedia support, thus advances Thecus new module that allows direct connection from Thecus NAS to HDTV - the highly anticipated Local Display module. The module allows for users to eliminate a computer or laptop to display visuals on a TV, display multimedia via third party modules and utilize internet browser features. In addition, local display allows users to enter the NAS UI and conduct managements easily. Lastly, a terminal icon appears on the local display homepage for developer use. Local display module is now supported.

    With local display, displaying your Thecus NAS to a HDTV is hassle free. Often, a computer is required to manage display on a TV or projector. Local display module is the ultimate tool for those who seek a clean infrastructure set up. Eliminating a computer or laptop creates a sense that the NAS itself functions as a small computer.


    Multimedia playback
    Multimedia playback is something that almost everyone looks into when it comes to NAS storage, whether it’s music or HD movies. Local display module allows for the user to play media from NAS to TV via HDMI output. Consumers have the choice to attain third party modules to display media such as XBMC and VLC. Furthermore, developers have the chance to create multimedia modules. With the flexibility of local display, your Thecus NAS transform into a true a multimedia powerhouse.

    To access media playback, local display module must installed on your Thecus NAS, third-party multimedia players such as XBMC can be utilized. Once XBMC is installed, local display page will appear above like so. Finding media is quick and effortless; simply click on music, photos or movies tabs for the desired media content. Please note that media must be preloaded on your NAS. For more details on how to use local display for media display, please see video link of local display below.

    Besides the great opportunities that local display offers, browsing the internet is accessible as well. Users will see an internet browser on the local display homepage, simply click on the icon then users have full access to the internet.

    Managing your Thecus NAS via local display adds great user experience as it is not required to utlize a computer to make changes. As NAS users often times multitask, being able to control your Thecus NAS while using local display is ultimately a great handiness.

    For more information, visit this page.
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  2. Mussels

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    so... the NAS now has HDMI out?
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  3. twicksisted


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    Thats good news for larger expensive Home Cinema setups im guessing... ive been struggling for ages to get a decent multi-terrabyte storage system for my collection of Illegally downloaded movies :p

    Currently my Samsung UE46ES8000 Television will play most movie types from directly attached USB storage (USB flashdrive/ USB hardrive etc).
    If you try to stream the same files over the wifi/ethernet network connection using Windows Media Server or Samsung Allshare, the filetypes are "not supported" and you need to run a seperate media server like "PS3 Media Server" software which is massively annoying!
    This also means that in all likelyhood you wouldnt be able to stream the same files if they were on a regular NAS.
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