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Thinking About Going RAID.

Apr 15, 2009
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RAID-0: Striping
RAID-1: Mirroring
RAID-5: Striping with parity spread across all disks.
RAID-6: Striping with double parity spread across all disks.

The "spread across all disks" is only important because there are RAID levels (3 and 4 I believe) that use a single disk for parity, but you probably won't ever see them.

Many can be nested:

RAID-10, 01, 50, 51, 60, etc.

Some others:

RAID-1E: Allows for the mirroring of an odd number of disks.
RAID-5E: RAID-5 plus active hot-spare. Rebuilds are much faster, higher overall performance.

I remember you, you used to make humorously ridiculous demands from technology companies.

errm that's a lot of info that I don't understand :eek:
Mar 14, 2009
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Not to Hijack But I wanna go 4 drive RAID0 and was wondering if I could use ACRONIS to do a single drive backup of my ARRAY and then send it to a 4 drive ARRAY or should I cut my loss and just reinstall on the 4 drives...

Now that my drives are only $50 I can't see why I can't just get 2 more for $100...
With my WD blacks I was getting 106mb/s average for single drives and I'm getting 190mb/s in RAID0 and I'm hoping to get 360mb/s with 4 drives
Sep 25, 2006
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Oily: He's talking about creating multiple arrays on the same set of drives - called Matrix RAID on Intel chipsets...
Also just a note to oily..

I don't think the Raid0+1 operates that way.. I could be wrong but I believe the Raid1 partition will only mirror whatever is on the raid1 partition and nothing from the raid0 side..
Yeah guys, thanks for the info.I was trying to get my head round having redundancy with only 2 drives when using RAID0 on them, wasnt sure that it would work.

As you said shevanel the RAID1 would not be mirroring the RAID0 array, so if one drive died you would lose the data from the RAID0 array.

Thanks anyway, now I am just waiting on my drives formatting for a new software RAID1 array on my linux server.