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Time to change this PSU?

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Jul 25, 2006
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my problem is with you stating that if there is no "defect" in any form to a psu, it will work fine,
which i have seen more than once not to be the case.
I am sorry you don't understand what I am saying, but it does not change the facts. Just because you were not able to find the defect, that does not mean it did not exist. Did you analyze each of those PSUs on a scope with a variety of realistic loads? If not, then you don't know if they were defective, or not.

I must point out again that my point is dependent on the fact the PSU is the right one for the task.

Yes, transient loads can be, and sometimes are an issue. But if the GPU is causing such excessive transients loads then consider this, (1) The GPU is at fault, or (2) that is not the right PSU for the task, or (3) both.

I also ask you note exactly what I am saying and stop saying I said something different. I didn't say the PSU "will work fine", I said it will be working properly and that means, per published specs. If may not work fine if not the right PSU for the job. You keep ignoring where I keep saying it must be the right PSU for the job.

so stating the psu cant be the cause, because its working, is not always correct.
I didn't say that either. :(

I'm moving on. Have a good day.
Oct 13, 2021
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Edit: Any suggestion on a good PSU at a decent price? I dont need high W , mostly im going to go for 7800x3d + RTX 4070 or something like that in the future , i have a small case (that i like).

Just bought a brand which have garantee in your country. Dont know where you living but here on brazil only corsair has a local garantee post to swap. Sending overseas is a really nightmare here and certanilly cost more than a new psu.... or even a minimum wage thanks to thieves and their taxes.

After lost a good money on over 800W+ of different brands dying randonly, I learned the lesson. Just bought a RM550X running on 100~120% load and give a fck for this, next week it will complete 2 years and counting :laugh:
Jul 5, 2013
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my problem is with you stating that if there is no "defect" in any form to a psu, it will work fine,
which i have seen more than once not to be the case.
The OP has already stated that the problem was traced down to the system RAM. Their PSU is fine.

We're done here. Unless @izy has any objections, perhaps it would be a good idea to close thread to avoid any further pointless nonsense.
Jan 25, 2020
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My 2c.

10yr old Seasonic 1050. Among the very best of the best of its era. Ever so slightly past its warranty period. 2 months to be exact. Tested underload with a multi annually. It went out silently last month. No warning, no magical smoke, no dramatic POP!, no slow degradation, no pretty lights. Nothing unusual. It simply refused to power on. What it did do is take out my MSI z370 Gaming Pro Carbon Wifi and i7 8086k when it died. Tore the cover off. Nothing. No bad caps. No burn marks. Clean as a whistle. Looked damn near new for being 10+ years old.

So be prudent in giving advice to people trying to squeeze another year or two out of PSUs that should be relegated to test bench status at best. This, "if it still works it will be fine", mentality is not solid advice when...

A- we're talking about near to or out of warranty units or
B- talking about low quality units to begin with.

This cavalier attitude very well may cost another member his hard earned gear. It doesn't help anyone in the long run.


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Dec 14, 2009
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Yup, as lex has mentioned, PSU is no longer the suspect. Locking thread for now. @izy if you want it opened again, please PM me.
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