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Toshiba laptop display replace question


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Jun 26, 2009
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A family member asked me to replace her Toshiba M35x-s349 laptop display for her. I hooked up an external monitor to check video drivers, etc..worked fine. After dismantling the unit I found that someone elso had been into it before and didn't replace all the screws. Also, the is a small black wire with a round connector on it that was not hooked to a screw..I have no idea where it goes. It is wrapped with the wire coming from the MB. It may be not used since it is pretty short, but just need to be sure.

Also, I ordered the display and also a backlight. I installed the lcd, but don't see where the small backlight goes. I powered it up and got a brief small display on the lower right hand corner of the screen...than nothing. The system booted but no video. I am curious if I should replace the inverter board? Can anyone assist me in troubleshooting this? Thanks.
Aug 10, 2007
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well from experience of changing out two screens just yesterday at work i can tell you if you get any logos on the screen at all you know its working but if you dont see anything at all, even at an extreme angle something isnt plugged in correctly or got loose when you re assembled it (it happens)

if you do get an image on the screen but can only see it at an extreme angle then that tells you its the back light

as for that small black wire it could very well be your wireless cards antenna wire (negative signal)

Hope this helps