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TPU Capture Feedback

Feb 6, 2007
2,576 (0.64/day)
Processor Mysterious Engineering Prototype
Motherboard Intel 865
Cooling Custom block made in workshop
Memory Corsair XMS 2GB
Video Card(s) FireGL X3-256
Display(s) 1600x1200 SyncMaster x 2 = 3200x1200
Software Windows 2003
(W1z, could you please create a forum area within "our software" for either "TPU Capture" or "Other software")

As you know, I'm very fond of TPU Capture. Great utility. Although a bit hard to find on TPU ;)

Suggestion for improvement.

  • Log feature
  • To capture and record both filename (if saved locally) and URL (if uploaded to TPU)
  • That log available as a text .log or as an HTML file with URL links
  • This is a local log, so only the user who made the captures has access to this list of links

Why? It would allow me to have my own private gallery of what I have uploaded, and to be able to track old pictures, and even recycle rather than upload again to obtain a new URL because I forgot the old one.

The local log solves the security problem of allowing all users to browse the full TPU upload server.

This concept could be made common with a similar feature in GPUz where you can get a screenshot and link. Create a local log of previous uploads that the user can then track and recycle.