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Trying to reflash: NvFlash won't cooperate

Jonathan Sachs

New Member
Mar 30, 2017
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I'm trying to reflash a Quadro display card's ROM with NvFlash, and it's not cooperating. I'm looking for insight into what is going wrong.

The card is an NVIDIA FX 5600. GPU-Z saved the existing VBIOS as QuadroFX5600.

Windows 10 Device Manager correctly identified the card and installed driver version 342.01, but nvidia-smi will not run. Ubuntu 18.04 installed driver version 340.107, but the display shows many errors: malformed letters, dialog boxes that should be opaque but are not, etc. (With the Nouveau driver everything displays correctly.) I believe the VBIOS may be defective or corrupted, and I hope that reflashing will fix it.

Before I go on, some context: this is a learning exercise. If I couldn't try to reflash this card, I would discard it. I would rather not brick it, but if I learn something useful and brick it in the process, I will consider the experiment a success.

Onward: I downloaded NvFlash 5.590.0 for Windows and the card's VBIOS version 60.80.1E.00.05 from TechPowerUp a few days ago.

I opened a command line window from Windows 10 and ran nvflash64 with the name of the VBIOS file. It opened Windows's "...make changes to your device?" dialog. I clicked Yes. It opened a second command line window, displayed a short message, and closed the window. Because the window was open very briefly the message was hard to read, but I think it said "ERROR: No Nvidia display adapters found."

Again, this happened in a Windows 10 system that has *already* correctly identified the card.

Does anyone understand what happened?