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Upgrade CPU + GPU for gaming

May 3, 2013
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Hi. New here and i'm also trying to catch up with technology.

My current pc, that lasted ~ 6 years in gaming event at medium for the hard games at full hd.
E8400 + 8 gb ram + Asus 8800 GT, changed it to a second hand Asus GTX 470 to play Crysis 3 on medium. Did it's job but i think it's time to upgrade.

-I will upgrade in September, i will leave my country to work and until then time will be in my favour, haswell will settle, new games especially to play The Witcher 3 at max etc.
-Not interested in dual gpu cards, SLi/CF, OC maybe in the future for the cpu.
-Looking to last as the old one did ~ 5 years.
-Gaming at 1920x1080 (don't need higher resolutions because i use a 42" Panasonic Plasma will not change it for a long time)

So these are my questions:

1. What CPU at stock power is nedeed to use a GTX Titan at 100%, not to bottleneck it and also will last for Maxwell ?

2. For gaming at my requirments and as a single gpu card, is it wiser in the long run to get an i7 4770k or an i7 3970x @ 2011 / new Ivy-E?

So best bang for buck, in September should i get 4770k + GTX 780 or second hand GTX Titan ?
Or stay with current GTX 470 and wait for Maxwell ? (i think at same time when The Witcher 3 launches in 2014)

Or go wild with a 3970x / 3980x when it launches / Ivy-E with same gpu combo as above?


Any imput is of great help.
Thank you.
Dec 18, 2012
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So these are my questions:

1. What CPU at stock power is nedeed to use a GTX Titan at 100%, not to bottleneck it and also will last for Maxwell ?

2. For gaming at my requirments and as a single gpu card, is it wiser in the long run to get an i7 4770k or an i7 3970x @ 2011 / new Ivy-E?

1. 4770K < 3930k <-- If further games will support multi cores better. ( you may want to consider an FX8350 as well.)

3970x Vs 3930k 3.5GHZ Vs 3.2GHZ those 300mhz you can clock up the 3930k without even raising the Vcore , 3930k is the better choice in my opinion.

2. In the long run 2011
May 3, 2013
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Ok for the cpu/mb/ socket i think i have made my mind.

Now for the video.

So any cpu i wil get from the above are very powerfull, i think i'm reconsidering the SLI option.
Because of money.
I payed for my Asus GTX470 ~ 100 $.
And i know it has more power in it when i get a new cpu.
Dirt cheap.

So my video options i think will be one of these.

1 - Get something from 7xx series, which one will be the best choice (max 500$) or
2 - Get a second hand GTX Titan (as above in the 500$ limit) - if not, or
3 - Get another 470 and make sli - another 100 $, and from what i read they are like an 680 as performance.



So, should i get best cpu/mb/socket platform and toy with 470 sli's until maxwell or Volta arrives ?

MxPhenom 216

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Aug 31, 2010
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470s are junk. I would run a better card then that. not one that just consumes power and makes a lot of noise. I upgraded from a 470 to a 680 and it's probably the best upgrade I've done in years
Jan 18, 2012
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In terms of CPU take the 4770 or 3930. At the moment the LGA2011 its not worth the price difference for gaming though.
In terms of GPU I highly recommend to you to spend less and stay at single-card configuration. It is definately better to buy a 7950 or 7970 for now and in 2 years spend another that much for a two times faster GPU (when it will be needed) rather than spend all the money on a Titan now and have a slow GPU in 2 years lol. Any high end GPU is overkill for 1900x1080 resolution atm so just spend 300 euro now and 300 in two years and you are done.
Sep 4, 2009
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If you are upgrading in the fall and the new GTX 700 series is out, I would go with a GTX 780 over the Titan.
May 3, 2013
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Ok i did a little more digging, this time just to learn new stuff and to satisfy my curiosity.

One thing that buggs me is that the ivy bridge has high temperatures with that paste used instead of soldering.

But, from what i undersand is that Haswell possibly will also have the same problems because of also using paste).
So if this will ne true, i will skip it.

So my options will become:
An i7 2700k second hand.
Or go to Lga 2011 and maybe catch Ivy Bridge-E (hope those are also soldered:) )

But will browsing, i found this:

Intel Xeon Processor E3-1270 v2


It's identical to I7 3770k (minus the gpu and some server stuff)


So , despite how 'stupid' it sounds, how one of this will do in gaming?
Any reason no to be equal to the desktop versions at stock?

And i presume it'd soldered being a server grade component. :)

I mean, this one is exactly what i want, more durable, powerfull at stock, simple (no gpu ), no oc (but i'm not a big fan of it), and it's the same price the i7 and they use the same socket.


In my mind is win-win all around :)

So, if it's good also for gaming, no reason not to be compatable with everything just like the desktop version?

Mobo support lit says 'good to go' :)
May 3, 2013
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The xeon path also drops for me, the ivy ones (v2) also use the same TIM paste and the sandy bridge ones, to old to find anywhere.

Back to square one again.

Wait to see how haswell will be if they don't have temp problems.

If not, i wil track down a 2600/2700k and call it a day.

Wait until september when i will be back home and get the best video i can find in 500 $.