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Upgrading my graphics card..

Aug 3, 2008
164 (0.05/day)
System Name "the strong silent type"
Processor i5 3570k
Motherboard Asus Maximus V Gene
Cooling Thermalright Archon
Memory G.Skill RipjawsX D3 8GB 1866-899 RipjawsX K2 GSK
Video Card(s) XFX 6950 1GB dualfan
Storage Crucial M4 128GB / Samsung F3 HD103SJ 1TB
Display(s) LG W2253V
Case CM 690 II Advanced
Power Supply Coolermaster Silent Pro Gold 600w
Software Win 7 Ultimate 64bit

I currently own a low end system about 1 year old:

its a low end asus mobo.
an Intel E6420 2.1ghz processor
8500GT 1gig graphics card
2 Gig memory

the PSU is a FSP Fortron/Source ATX-400PN 400W ATX 2.01


I'm hoping you peeps can tell me if the PSU will be able to handle a 4850 ICEQ4


If not I will probably put in a standard 9600GT unless you peeps have better idea's

tnx in advance
Feb 12, 2008
920 (0.26/day)
Rockclimbing somewhere in Italy
Processor e6300 @ 3000, stock Volts
Motherboard msi p35 neo2-FIR
Cooling HDT-1283
Memory 2gb tracers 1066 micron d9GMH, cooled by a modded CoolIt Memory Cooler
Video Card(s) HIS 4850 ICEQ4
Storage WD Caviar 16 320gb WDAAKS + 640gb WDAAKS
Case CM RC-690 sligthly modded
Power Supply Bequiet darkpower PRO 850W (say overkill? :D)
Software kubuntu 8.10 + Windows XP, soon Windows 7 too
i think so. but it is a low quality PSU. the psu is the most vital part of your syste, they often die if they are bad quality, and with them often mobo or gpu die too. before getting a new vid card, i'd suggest you to change the psu to a better one. a corsair tx450 would be a good idea