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Upgrading/replacing motherboard

Discussion in 'Motherboards & Memory' started by Hopalong, Jun 3, 2007.

  1. Hopalong New Member

    Jun 3, 2007
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    Hey all. Stupidly I know, I bought an HP from Bestbuy about a year ago, mainly for my wife. Now I'm gettin a BIOS rom checksum error. Now, thanks to the great 'ol HP, and bestbuy who doesn't carry system disks as HP won't allow them to, I'm stuck with a busted HP. I've already tried replacing the BIOS, tried replacing the memory, still nothing. HP won't give me a System disk despite repeaded calls, emails, etc. So I figure I'll just replace the motherboard. Just need a bit of help though. I've found a motherboard that'll fit all of my hardware, and my processor. Will I have to put on a new OS though? A friend of mine told me I would, but I wouldn't think so as the OS is held on the Harddrive. I figure new MB and just switch over all my internal's will fix the problem, and for a heck of a lot cheaper than what HP want's me to pay. Anyone think that's a good idea? Comments, suggestions, etc. PLEASE.
  2. kwchang007

    kwchang007 New Member

    Jan 27, 2007
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    probably not to bad of an idea. you may want to double check everything and make sure it is the motheboard, so you don't buy a new motherboard and get a find out something is broken. and are you going to be using the hp case? if so, make sure you motherboard is the standard the case is (btx or atx)
  3. xylomn


    May 13, 2006
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    Newcastle upon Tyne
    it can be done but you gotta make sure you do a few things...

    the os may be held on the hard drive but it is set to work with the current hardware... if you change the mobo you'll need to make sure to set the drivers in windows to the windows generic drivers...

    if your using vista (don't expect so considering you said you bought it a year ago) you won't be able to chnage without a new os as vista considers a mobo change a new computer and won't work...

    xp however doesn't really care...

    Personally though I would advise a reinstall of your os as this will avoid a lot of problems along the way :)
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  4. CH@NO

    CH@NO New Member

    May 24, 2007
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    You already try to resetting the BIOS, or what message the system send you?.........if you already think to buy a new mobo you MUST install a fresh SO, to avoid driver problems and other things that in the end make you reinstall the SO anyway.

    If you dont like te idea 'cause you dont have a place to make a backup of all your data, try to run your old SO in the new mobo, and if it runs make a back-up, if not try to find another PC, make your HDD slave and backup all your data there.

    But first CHECK all the board and all its connections, clean it, reset the BIOS and discard any ways to fix it....if the problem still, then throw it, slam it into the floor and install the new one.

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