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"View Your Posts" Feature would be nice

Discussion in 'Comments & Feedback' started by wolf2009, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. wolf2009 Guest

    "View Your Posts" button on the forum homepage which takes you directly to all the posts you have posted would be nice. It will let you see which of the topics you posted in were updated .

    I know the same thing can be done if you goto search and search with posts with your username . But that's kinda hard to do everytime you visit the forum .

    Example of the above feature is here on right near the top under the banner

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  2. Silverel


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    Ah, click on User CP. It's lists all the threads you've posted in, and the ones that recently have had new posts added. Eventually when the threads are not posted in they go away, but you can also click "view all subscribed threads" on that page to see the rest.

    Pretty sure there's a way in your profile to see all the individual posts you have made too...
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