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Webgame - Imperium! (screenshots 56k warning!)

Nov 14, 2007
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Detroit, MI
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Power Supply Corsair Modular HX620w
Software Windows 10 Pro
-disclaimer- I am not paid or even hired by anyone to plug this game. I simply love it and want more people playing it too. There is no referral system that I want anyone to sign up for. No rewards will come to me if anyone does join.


Hey there guys.

I just wanted to take some time and let ya'll in on a really sweet free RPG strategy war-game that I love endlessly. There's a new round starting today at 6pm EST and I'm looking for new players to join in on the battles! This is a great game to pass the time, I log into it 4-5 times a day and regularly reach the top 10, but the player-base isn't as strong as I'd like it to be. The game is deep and rather complex, the community is excellent, and competition is fierce without being horribly overwhelming. Let me explain with a few screenshots and hopefully draw some interest.

Depending on what Kingdom you end up in, the forums can be very useful. They're all managed by the King you elect.

Here in the politics section you can vote/send aid, change your tax rate, and see everyones fame since the last update.

Thar be the current HoF, updates every 48 hours. We (The Brewery) were losing badly up until about last week. Things can change pretty fast!

The bread and butter of any war-time efforts! I personally prefer to use Sorcery, but others have been quite successful with Roguery or Warfare as well. At any rate, you have to have defenses in all three to survive. There's a ton of options to slaughter enemy counties with, and they're all well balanced.

These screens are the basis of the game. A solid foundation will help you survive through any number of attacks. Consequentially pissing off your enemies when you bounce back over and over and over again. One of my specialties, hehe.

So a few other things to let you understand how the game works. Each round lasts 3 months, over this past one, we've been at war since the third week. The days are 30 minutes long. When you attack someone, if they're within 50%, you get 6 sorc/rog and 3 military strikes before you go on anti-pummeling for 48 hours. Outside of 50% only gets one hit, so it keeps higher fame counties from completely ruining low fame counties. The staff at Nevertales have been typically very helpful when it comes to bug reports, or suggestions. Typically each round they go through and squash bugs for the next release.

If you are going to give it a go, I'd recommend a rather serious one. The first week you play, there is no combat whatsoever to give everyone a chance and build defenses/mount offenses. Usually within a week of that ending wars will break out (or you could start your own). The game is designed to give frequent players and edge, to an extent. There's really no reason to log in more than once every 3 hours from what I can tell. I wrote a strategy guide and posted it on the external game forums, it's probably in there somewhere.

Hope I made a compelling argument to generate some interest in this game! Let me know if you have any questions, comments, or flames. :cool: