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Weird WLM issue .... need help!

Dec 2, 2007
85 (0.02/day)
Processor Inter C2D E6750 air cooled(tepms* 28'c idle 47'c load)
Motherboard ASUS P5Q P45 Express + ICH10R
Cooling 2x120mm Aerocool Silver lightning+xtreme Tubine 3x120 C.M Fans
Memory Corsair 2GB dual channel PC-5400
Video Card(s) BFG 8500GT (GTX 260 maxcore comingup)
Storage seagate 320GB(7200.10 sata ll)& 40GB WD-250gb(sata ll)&120gb
Display(s) View Sonice VX2262WM 22" LCD
Case Cooler Master CM-690 :D
Audio Device(s) Realtek 8.1ch HD sound
Power Supply Coolermaster 600watts xtreme power DUO
Software Xp Sp3
Hey guys! I've been facing a weird problem @ Windows live messenger(WLM) for past few days, the issue is whenever I reboot my PC my ID and password save in WLM "remember me settings" resets itself means both the slots are blank and then I have to repair it thru the UNINSTALLING process the setup repairs it and then i have to reboot again to make it work, but after a day of repairing/2-3 reboots the issue comes back the same whole process repeats again.

Hence I need some help/solution for this issue. waits for reply

thanx alot :)

P.S: im using Vista home basic.