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what is the normal temp for a quad core processor?(amd)


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Dec 28, 2007
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System Name Amanda Baby
Processor AMD Phenom 9600 Black Edition
Motherboard Asus M2A-MVP Crossfire Motherboard
Cooling Xigmatec AIO water cooler with Artic Silver 5 paste
Memory 2 gb Kingston Hyper X 800mhz Memory
Video Card(s) MSI RX3870 OC edition
Storage Western Digital 320 gig SATA drive
Display(s) Samsung 16 inch LCD (crap)
Case Cooler Master Cavalier (silver)
Audio Device(s) 6.1 built in
Power Supply Thermaltake wo121 600 Watt crossfire ready PS
Software Win XP Ultimate
Benchmark Scores will benchmark sometime soon
Hey guys I'm about to fire up my new build here. Just wanted to know what you guys think is the normal operating temps and the max temp for a amd phenom 9600 processor? I have two cpu fans that i'm going to test out . (artic cooling 64 low profile cooler and the stock cpu fan that came with the black edition). By the way the fan that came with the 9600 black edition was massive! I was shocked that it came with one as the website that i bought it from said that it didn't come with one!!