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Where are Realtek's latest high definition audio drivers available?


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Jan 21, 2019
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I am having quite some trouble with finding the latest Realtek high definition audio device drivers for my Windows 10 system as the latest available driver version varies depending on which site you search on.

Softpedia (link)
  • Provides a massive amount of labeled drivers for different brands (MSI/Toshiba)?
  • The versions aren't arranged in any order and it's hard to find which is the latest.
Microsoft's catalog (link)
  • States as the absolutely latest which is inconsistent with Softpedia (since that site provides even newer drivers).
  • Doesn't always give you the right results if you don't filter with very specific terms.
Realtek official website (link)
  • Random internal 500 errors and inconsistent results when searching for audio drivers.
  • With luck you can find outdated drivers from 2017 (note that Microsoft/Softpedia provides drivers as latest as from 2019).
My PC's device manager
  • Through Windows Update I got drivers for my Logitech surround system being Digital Audio (S/PDIF) (High Definition Audio Device).
  • Driver version from device's properties is listed as 10.0.17763.1 which is completely different from the ones I found above?!

Now my question would be, where can I find the absolutely latest drivers for Windows 10 from Realtek then? Thanks.
Jul 14, 2006
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I'd been recovering from a cold and sore throat for several days and I know I'm kinda late in responding to OP's [Kjell] question about the Realtek HDA drivers.

The "official" Realtek web site has R2.82 (version with driver date of 6/14/2017) but was released on 7/26/2017 on Realtek's web site.
the one from Realtek web site should only be used on computers that were manufactured before mid-2017. avoid this 8186 driver if using a laptop/desktop PC made in late 2017 or anytime in 2018.

another source that nobody has mentioned so far (until now) is this github page:
This github Realtek HDA page does mention the newest Realtek audio drivers, even ones that sometimes neither Station Drivers, Softpedia

some OEM/PC manufacturers/motherboard makers provide their own customized Realtek audio drivers though new versions are sometimes mentioned only for new models but may work on older models.

One example is that ASRock recently released an 8619 FF00 (v6.0.1.8619 dated 1/15/2019) driver on their web site. If you take a look at the latest ASRock drivers page, the 8619 FF00 realtek audio driver is listed for an ASRock B365 Phantom Gaming 4 motherboard but can be used on any computer (old or new) that has an onboard Realtek audio device.

Note that the v10.0.17763.1 driver that Kjell is talking about is NOT a Realtek hd audio driver but a generic High Definition Audio Device driver (hdaudio.sys) provided by Microsoft & the Windows 10 v1809 operating system.

Edit: Microsoft has recently mentioned v6.0.1.8622 of the Realtek audio drivers on the MS Update Catalog site but those in UAD (universal audio driver) format, a totally different structure than the conventional HDA (or as I say non-UAD) driver. On the other hand, MS has v6.0.1.8619 of those drivers on both UAD and non-UAD format (the 110.3Mb size download is the traditional HDA driver while the 9.3Mb download is the UAD driver)
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