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Windows 7 - sidebar not working.



And believe me, this is not anything I can resolve by going on Google.

What has happend? Don't know, it's there "sidebar.exe" when I start taskmanager.
But when rightclick ->Gadgets , nada happens.

My Windows 7 Ult. is english, so if there is anything I need to do - go ahead and instruct me!

I tried almost everything, I can't get it to work.. dunno wtf has happend.., I'm like :banghead:

So.. Thankful for any replies given.
Feb 19, 2009
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Did you uninstall anything from programs and fetures/windows fetures?

Maybe Windows gadget platform needs to be enabled again.
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Did you try this
Fix windows 7 Gadgets on Desktop and sidebar Not Working problem:

To fix this problem, one need to simply set the UAC back to default level or atleast level 1. You will then be able to install Windows 7 Gadgets on your desktop sidebar.

for those who prefer to turn UAC off and still use Windows 7 gadgets on their desktops, here is a simple registry fix to resolve the problem of Windows 7 Gadgets not working when UAC is turned off!!!

* Go to Start –> Search and type regedit
* Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Sidebar\Settings
* Right Click on the right pan of the registry editor and Create A New DWORD(of 32 Bit Value). Name it “AllowElevatedProcess” and set its value as “1″.
* Close the registry

That is all folks!!! Now right click on desktop and add the desktop gadgets. Also try adding gadgets to the windows 7 sidebar to ensure that the gadgets are working properly.


@animal007uk: No, only installed, worked well until I accidentaly "drag and dropped" an object from Gadgets window. Enabled again? Isn't it already enabled, I have done nothing to it. I can't see the main window etc..

@sapetto: Like I said earlier in the post - I have tried everything that I could find, so yes. That was the first thing I tested.

Ok, I'll explain a bit better I think:
What can I do?
1.Nothing. Can't start a gadget, can't uninstall a gadget.
2.Windows tells me that a gadget is already on all the time, even if I disable sidebar.exe from taskmanager.
3.Is it possible to reach the uninstaller or the "controls" for the gadgets/sidebar so I can uninstall etc? I have full admin control over the system (2 accounts infact, one is for something else..).

Thanks for the replies given so far.

It's a long shot, but check your display poperties to see if you have an extended desktop running. The gadgets could be there just off to the side where you can't see them.
I also had that thought in my head, however the other screen is not connected. But this seems most likely, because somehow - i can't see the window :confused: .

I'll try some settings right away and see if that can solve it.

EDIT: Ok, nothing seems to help. I'll do a recovery. See ya soon. Thanks everyone!
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Jul 19, 2006
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It's a long shot, but check your display poperties to see if you have an extended desktop running. The gadgets could be there just off to the side where you can't see them.


Ok, when I log on with my other full rights admin account - gadgets/sidebar works.
Why not here? Can't do anything..