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Windows users... will you upgrade to Windows 8?

Will you upgrade to Windows 8 from Windows 7?

  • Yeah

    Votes: 17 32.7%
  • Nyah

    Votes: 35 67.3%

  • Total voters
Jan 12, 2010
1,471 (0.51/day)
System Name Custom Built | Netbook Samsung N145P
Processor Intel Core i3 6100 | Intel Atom N455 1.6 GHz
Motherboard Asus H110M-K-D3
Cooling Stock heatsink/fan
Memory 12GB RAM
Video Card(s) MSI GT 1050 Ti 4GB| Intel GMA 3150
Storage Samsung EVO 750 120GB + Kingston HyperX Fury 120 GB + 2TB WD Hard disk | Kingston V300 120GB
Display(s) HP Pavilion 22cw
Case A old one
Audio Device(s) Realtek
Power Supply Generic 500W
Software Windows 10 Pro 64-bit 1| Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
Vista choked on 4 gb of ram. 7 runs on a minimum of 512MB. Runs Fine on 1-2 Gb of ram and is rockin with 4+
Having fun with VM, 7 Ultimate 64-bit with Aero technically can run even with 256MB but it's barely usable LOL maybe reducing all fancy stuff and 32-bit may be better.