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Wrong sensor graphs after display resume

Discussion in 'GPU-Z' started by ssawgift, Dec 29, 2013.

  1. ssawgift

    Nov 8, 2013
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    I found a problem on the Sensors tab. The problem happens after monitor resumes from sleeping.

    The Memory Usage (Dedicated) graph shows a full red bar but when I move mouse pointer over the bar, it shows 0. Other graphs like GPU Load, Fan Speed (RPM and %) have the same problem.

    Other sensor graphs however shows empty bar.
  2. mstenholm

    Nov 7, 2009
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    I had tons of problems with a similar GPU (the ASUS R9 280X top). Some got away as I reverted to the none beta version of drivers. I can't figure if I got the latest BIOS. I tried to upload to Z-GPU and "was told" that I had an outdated version (I think it is from August 2013 whereas the CPU was released in October) The ASUS homepage was at no help to me. Try that direction - new bios and the non-beta version of AMD hitandrundrivers. Please post back if you managed to get a new BIOS.

    Edit: I use it for folding so I didn't try the monitor sleep thing.

    Edit: I managed to make the Live Update work so I think that I got the new BIOS now. It didn't remove the random artifacts and the GPU still randomly go back to base clock. I did registered my GPU today and I found out that there is a V2 of this model. Mine is going back 2nd of January. Worst piece of junk that I ever owned. Btw ASUS Tweak and GPU front page agrees but the sensor page in GPU-Z have a different value (GPU core clock) when it goes to base clock. Just learned the the V2 is in fact an older model with slower memory clock. I give it 24 more hours at 1150 MHz. One more pip and you are out :)
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