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X800 Pro modified to a X800 XT


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May 16, 2004
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The last week it have been lots of noise about the modding to make your X800 Pro a X800 XT and there is now a guide for it. And all you lucky bastards that got this card and have the abilities and dare to do this, Congrats you just earned a few bucks!

Guide from Digit-Life

Comment by Bastieeeh:
I am really sorry, but this article only tells half the truth! It's known that not all X800 Pro cards can be turned into X800 XT to say the least. Actually according to this poll at the moment there are more failures than successes. The reason for this is still unknown. But it seems that it has to do with the GPU core itself. As this article points out the stepping of the GPU core is the key. The author states that all cards with
a serial code of GAXXXX.1
can be successfully modified. Others cannot. But it seems that this article is incorrect as well. If you bear the findings of the poll in mind and look at the cards/cores within this article you can clearly see that it was only a coincidence. His successful moded cards are: G62744.1.W02 0411AA which is an Engineering Sample. GA8999.1 0416AA. If the poll's entries are correct and nobody lied about it then all cores made in week 16 of 2004 can be modified without a hitch. That means before buying you should be able to check on the core to make sure it reads 0416.. . And please don't blame me if it turns out that not all 0416 cards are working without problems. It's still a wild guess and noone at TechPowerUp! will be responsible.
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