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[XF] Seventeam "Q-Force" 450W with "ASM" 0dB tech...


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Oct 5, 2008
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Hello guys, this is my first post here and just try to share some info from Taiwan, just take a look and do not hesitate for any comments :)

The famous power supply manufacturer -- Seventeam Electronics、just released the latest power supply -- " Q-Force " Series. The new model comes with the 80 plus certification and the NEW "ASM" cooling mechanism、relying on the whole new design and sensor、and "Q-Force" can reach the 0dB noise and also keep the power cool in most of the time. Of course、450W output is also designed for general usage、you maybe heard about this but now Edward will show this product to you、just have a look :)

Packing、there are 450W/550W for the Q-Force series、the design is a little...like the xxxsonic in Taiwan...:p

Special "ASM" technology、mainly provided 2 mechanism: "temperature sensor" and "adjustable fan speed"、this 2 functions make the "0dB" possible.

80 Plus certification、it is essential for the power supply in this world、I just want my childs to see the Polar bear :pPPP

As we mentioned above、the Q-Force also support the full range voltage、dual +12V output、120mm fan、APFC and meet the ATX 12V v2.2 standard.

there is the explanation of the ASM technology outside the packing、you can change it in 2 mode、one is "Auto Mode"、the other is "Manual Mode". In the Auto Mode、if the power temperature is higher than 60 degrees (C)、fan will be activated automatically; in the Manual Mode、the fan can be adjusted as your wish、you can turn it on in full speed or shutdown the fan、very practical if you are a control freak :O

Product Features、sorry that I only take the Traditional Chinese one、this is a Taiwan website :pP

Q-Force 450W、you can see the 120mm fan and the ASM button there.

Another direction.

"Seventeam" plate、looks good.

Rear、besides the ASM button、you can also see the hexagon ventilation design and the power input plug.

Model No. is ST-450P-AM、you can see the duo +12V output here、the current is 16A for each、the labal is clear and easy to read.

Front、the opening is also for the air-flow.

All the cables are here、24-pin (20+4)、molex、mini-connector、SATA power connector、and the cpu power also support 8-pin、you can also use it as the PCI-E power.

Just take some pics on it.

You can see the CPU power (4-pin+8-pin) and PCI-E Power (6-pin x1).

ASM Mode on、the fan will stop until the temp goes higher.

Manual Mode On、you can adjust the speed as you wish.


The testing use the OCCT 2.0.0.a to proceed、the hardware I use listed below:

CPU: Intel E8600 @ 3.33GHz
MB: DFI LanParty LT X38-T2R
DRAM: Kingston D2-800 2GB x 1
VGA: Albatron 8800GT

CPU Vcore、CPU loading is increasing in testing、so is the voltage.

3.3V testing、a little higher than the standard 3.3V、but the variation controlled perfectly.

5V testing、very close to the standard、the variation is good too.

12V testing、the value we got it is a little lower than standard、the line keeps the same result like 3.3V and 5V.


In the trend of the PSU, the 80 Plus now is a must-have on the market, the Seventeam "Q-Force" PSU 450W have it, and also the "ASM" functions, user can change the mode between the auto and manual fan speed control, in the same time, the output also meet the quality we imagine, although this product only sell in Taiwan, maybe someday you can get it in your local shop. In my opinion, nothing is better than 0 noise PSU, and Seventeam did it :) just for you as a reference.