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XFX Radeon R9 290 Double Dissipation too loud!

Oct 21, 2005
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XFX Coolers suck, the one on my 7950 DD runs too hot
I repasted my 7850 and temperatures were reduced 10-15*C across the board. Try this, it helps a lot. You can do it without voiding warranty by contacting their tech support first. I said "I'd like to redo the thermal paste to reduce my temperatures. Is this okay? I don't want to void warranty".


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Jan 11, 2008
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Which card is that and what were the room temps? Also, at 53% fan speed, was it audible?
20-21c and its in my system spec. Note thats using one card at testing and audible, hardly at all.
Jan 18, 2012
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I had the 7970 XFX DD from the first week the 7970 released, was always relatively silent (up to 50% fan) and cool (core below 60c and VRM's being below 75c in worst stress tests) but there were many reviews saying the card was running hot and loud (some French site was saying VRM's were above 100c). So I guess they have issues with sitting the cooler properly on all their cards. Personally I even removed the cooler and place IC Diamond paste on the core an new pads on the ram modules and vrm's and the temps were about same but fan speed was then 45% max after that TIM change (even lower than before). OFC 50% and 45% is nowhere near inaudible, but its perfectly "silent" for a full power test with OC'ed card at 1100mhz+).

But yeah, issues with XFX DD cooler are pretty frequent it seems, but I'm sure if you resit the cooler and replace TIM on the chip it will get much much much better (just make sure you don't break the thermal pads so u can reuse them.)

EDIT: my flatmate uses my card now, its still silent.
Mar 26, 2010
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Jakarta, Indonesia
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beside that have you checked your fans? the blades or the axis
repaste is good idea, just re check the contact area, you may have poor heatsink contact area so the heat cant be transfered perfectly and raising your card temperature
Apr 11, 2009
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I repasted my 7850 and temperatures were reduced 10-15*C across the board. Try this, it helps a lot. You can do it without voiding warranty by contacting their tech support first. I said "I'd like to redo the thermal paste to reduce my temperatures. Is this okay? I don't want to void warranty".
Yeah i did the same thing but my MX4 paste is quite old now it might not be working as effectively. ill be ordering more soon and re-applying the paste

currently i get around 90c in games with a very mild overclock


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Jun 23, 2007
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Well after some more testing the vrm 1 is in it's normal area near were the PCI-E connect i tried i with a 120x mm fan running one or the other ends of the card between the cpu cooler and the car. All so noticed a 7c drop in VRM temps as well when using a fan..

And this was with a max speed 1500rpm fan and just had to make sure the fan was pushing air at the card for safety reasons as you don't want to take of any thing off on the back of the v card :p.